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In an unprecedented American tragedy rivaling and surpassing John Wilkes Booth, a severely disturbed man, Lee Harvey Oswald, 24 of New Orleans was apprehended by Federal Authorities in his hometown of New Orleans and is under arrest there for a crime unprecedented in the history of the United States. Oswald has assassinated three former Presidents, each a great man in his own right, two Republicans and one Democrat, Herbert Hoover, 89, of Iowa, Harry Truman, 79 of Missouri, and Dwight Eisenhower 63 of Kansas. All of whom served non concurrently, interrupted by Franklin Roosevelt, from 1929-1953.  Hoover led this country through the  Great Depression, Truman ended the Second World War, and Eisenhower has led us into a New Era, which is being continued magnificently by "Camelot" - President Kennedy was contacted by telephone of this tragedy. Speaking from Berlin, he cut short his European visit to fly home to speak. A visibly shaken Kennedy was brought to tears speaking at the collective funerals of these three giants of patriotism.

A background check of Lee Oswald shows that he is in fact a member of the Communist party and held deep resentment against the United States Government. Possibly a spy working on behalf of Fidel Castro, this is threatening to throw the UUSA/USSR-Cuba situation into a worsening state.

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