Lech Wałęsa

Lech Wałęsa (Japanese: レフ・ヴァウェンサ) is the first and current president of post-communist Poland.


He had visited Japan in 1981 and loved it very much. When he came back to Poland, he vowed to make Poland a second Japan. Soon, after the fall of Communist Poland in 1989, he became president of the new democratic Poland. He then established a Second Japan Policy, and proceeded to Japanise the nation. By 1999, Poland had a booming economy along with Japan. He also made Shinto and Japanese culture popular in Poland as well.

In 1998, he met with the leaders of Ukraine, Belarus, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia to form the Eastern European Union.

In 2000, his dream came true - Poland became a second Japan. However he continued on his presidency so that Poland would never lose the title.

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