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Zgharta's flag

Lebanon has been in civil war since 1975, and then in 1983 was attacked by four nuclear weapons send by the Soviet Union, now the country destroyed and in ruins, is divided in four de facto states.


In May 13 of 1984 a Druze part of south Lebanon declared Independence and proclaimed The Emirate of Jazzin, with the capital Beirut and the Emir Walid Jumblatt, but the government just ignored them. Then in June a Shi’a part proclaimed independence proclaiming The Emirate of Tyre with the capital Beirut and the Emir Abbas al-Musawi. Then Tyre stayed with south Beirut and Jazzin with West Beirut.

On December 21 of 1989 a Sunni part proclaimed Independence and declared the Emirate of Sidon with capital Sidon and Emir Muhammad al-Shami. The remaining part of Lebanon 95% Christian proclaimed on December 25 Independence and declared the Republic of Zgharta with capital Beirut (The east side) and president Shafik Wassam.

By 1996 the four de facto states have already passports, IDs, governments - even a national beauty pageant (only in Zgharta).
Religion libanoo

The map of the 4 states


All Emirates continue having the same Emir and Zgharta president is Michel Suleiman.

In all the Muslim flags the colors represent the same: green is the color of the Fatimid, the white color the Umayyad, the red the martyrs, the star represent the state and the cedar immortality.

In Zgharta’s flag: the blue represent the oceans and the skies, the red represent the blood of martyrs, the white the snow of the mounts of the Republic, and the cedar represents immortality.

Tyre is constantly having problems with Israel.

Flag of North Yemen

Jazzin's Flag


Tyre flag


Sidon's flag

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