League of the United American States
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Type Political Organization

The League of the United American States was a proposed organization meant to promote greater integration among those nations located within the boundaries of the former United States of America. The effort was led by Superior Congressional Representative Harold Duke of the National Republican Party.


Since contact was made in 2001, efforts had been made for the establishment of such an organization. While the ideas held a small amount of support among the populace, most times in government it was discussed by Republican sympathizers of the recently established National Republican Party. Most efforts were instead directed toward disputes with Canada over the Great Lakes, and gaining entrance to the League of Nations.

In 2008, one of the major supporters of the proposed organization, Harold Duke, was elected from Marquette as a National Republican. Though he introduced a bill for the establishment of the organization on his second day in office, events elsewhere, along with a larger amount of interest in the newly-founded United Communities group, led to it being shelved. The idea of the Republic starting such an organization was then dealt a major blow when the government applied for UC membership just prior to the outbreak of the Saguenay War, and suffered an apparent death-knell when it ascended to that organization just prior to the end of the war. Very few people in the Republic look favorable upon the concept.

Congressman Duke, however, continues to speak in favor of the idea, and the National Republican Party does seem to have remained somewhat in favor of the concept, in its most basic and general terms.


There have been many proposals of how such an organization would function, ranging from a direct copy of the former government as followed by the American constitution, to that similar to the European Democracies of Western Europe. As far as can be determined, to something akin to the former United Nations. The proposal most often discussed outlines a system that includes only the House of Representatives, and a rotating Presidency, chosen through an election within that nation's borders.

Proposed Members

As the organization has not been formed, there are currently no member states. However, a requirement would be for that nation to be within the borders of the former United States.

Potential Members

These nations have been those proposed as being members in most proposals, among others.

  • Alaska
  • Astoria
  • Aroostook
  • Blue Ridge
  • Chumash Republic
  • Deseret
  • Dinetah
  • East Texas
  • Hawaii
  • Kentucky Commonwealth
  • Municipal States of the Pacific
  • Lakota
  • Pasco Free State
  • Northern Townships
  • Oregon Free State
  • Piedmont Republic
  • Portland
  • Puerto Rico
  • Republic of Superior
  • San Juan
  • United States
  • Vermont
  • Virginian Republic
  • West Texas
  • Wisconsin

Dispute Over Right to Membership

  • Commonwealth of New Zealand and Australia - Control over former American Samoa
  • East Caribbean Federation - Control over the former American Virgin Islands
  • Commonwealth of Victoria - Control over most of Western Washington State.
  • Socialist Siberia - Control over most of Southwestern Alaska (unlikely).

Permanent Observer

  • Committee to Re-establish the United States (CRUSA) - Disputed, though proposed by Harold Duke since their goals are the same as that as the organization.