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This place is the meeting place for the Nations of the World. This place is to discuss issues without resorting the use of war. Feel free to post on issues to discuss and settle on.

League of Nations Charter:

  • Section I: The League will have a chairman who leads the meetings. A new chairman will be chosen every 4 years from one of the member states by the order of when the nation joined the league.

Member States:

  • Republic of New England- Founding nation and RNE ambassador is the Chairman
  • Federated States of America-Member State
  • Republic of New York - Member State
  • Southwest Republic -Member State
  • Greater Colorado -Member State. Ambassador: Klaus Rheinhardt
  • Free Republic of Arkansas -Member State
  • Northern Federal Republic -Member State
  • United Liberal Republic of Massachusetts -Member State
  • Republic of Texas -Member State
  • Manitoba -Member State
  • Confederate States of America -Member State
  • Transmississippi -Member State
  • Canada -Member State

We need to add Transmississippi and Canada.

General Assembly Hall

This is where issues from all nations are posted.


Slavery Discussion:

  • RNE: OK, everyone. We need to discuss the slavery issue, that is currently going on and settle it peacefully, with war as an utter last resort. As the RNE representative, I propose that slavery should end and all member nations place sanctions on slave nations, any nations that end slavery will have sanctions lifted and advisors sent to help transition their nation to a slave-less state.
  • CSA: Whoah, hold up now. Just because we do something you don't like, that doesn't mean you have the right to force us to change. What if we said that we don't like your factories that employ people for slave wages and force kids to skip school, and that you should shut them down immediately. I say that we leave it alone and no one embargoes anyone based on Slavery.
    • NY: Excuse us, but starting with New York, tons of nations out child labor and extensive female labor and established a minimum wage.
    • CSA: Really? I assumed since this is the 1870s that laws like that wouldn't exist.
  • RNE: But we have a ban on child labor and a decent minimum wage. But it is also a meaning of principle. The slaves are people too and by natural right they have the right to be free. They can still work were they were enslaved, but for wages and better conditions, i never said they had to leave by force, just by choice.
  • RNE: How about instead of sanctions, we just send advisors to help transition from a slavery based economy to non-slavery based economy.
  • CSA: Okay, that sounds better.
  • FSA: Supports the idea of a transition from a slaved based economy to a non-slavery based economy.
  • NY: Agrees.
  • Transmississippi: Proposes that slaves are freed but must work on state/privately own plantations and factories for 10 years with wages. (although Transmississippi's population strongly disagrees).
  • NFR: Slavery is banned but this doesn't mean we have to give out equal rights, do we? The NFR never really had an opinion of slavery however we are very biased against Native Americans.
  • ULRM: Agrees.
  • CSA: In the Northern and Western States, equal rights for all probably wouldn't happen until the 1950s at the least. It will take longer in the South, since the only reason they stopped segregation was because they got forced by the North.

European Alliances:

We need to discuss and declare our alliances to European nations.

  • NFR: The NFR believes that supporting Prussia would be the best move, largely because of how much territory that is of French descent to the North. If these nations were to support France, we could easily crush them and absorb vasts amounts of resources from the lands we annex. Also, the majority of my people are German, so support for Prussia is most likely.
  • ULRM: Except most of the states on the East Coast were saved by France and Spain during the British Invasion. We owe France. And you can't access them unless one of us agrees to let you, or you invade. So in my opinion, the best way to get out of this is to not enter the war in any real way.
  • NY: Will fight for France. Even we have British blood in us, they betrayed us and invaded us. Also, how the heck are most of your people German? Also, NFR, The only "nation" up there is Canada, British ally. Next to that is French North America. Part of the French Empire. Next to that is Quebec, a pretty darn strong nation with the aid of France and Italy and Spain. Next to that is French Atlantica. So would be very hard to crush those lands.
  • RNE: The RNE will fight for France and Spain. As they helped us when Britain invaded us.
  • Greater Colorado: We will fight for Prussia and Austria, but only if our supply routes are attacked. Our population is mostly German, and the German-Coloradan Party is in power.
  • ULRM: Has entered war on French side.

Charter Drafting:

We all need to create a charter to which all member states must obey.

  • Firstly we need a chairman to lead the meetings, as the founding nation the RNE ambassador is the first Chairman, but a new chairman is appointed from the member states every two years by when the nation joined the league.
  • The ambassador from the FSA agrees with the proposal.
  • New York agrees.
  • Manitoba agrees.
  • Southwest Republic agrees.
  • ULRM agrees.
  • Greater Colorado agrees.
  • OK, we'll establish this as section.
  • Wait, can we make it four years?
  • Maybe, but let's get input on it by other nations.
  • I agree with whoever said that. If it's two then we are not going to get anything done because the Chairman will be gone again in a few turns.
  • OK then, four years, it is.
  • Is the League of Nations gonna have a Peacekeeping Force, like all the nations pitch in a few hundred troops?
  • Read the charter so far.

New York's Proposal for League Rules (Lawbook of the League)


  • We the nations and the peoples, hereby establish a League of Nations for the intended purpose of keeping nations united and preserving peace and prosperity and for the general good of all the people of North America and the members.

Article I, Leadership

  1. A chairman, one at a time, shall preside over the league for (x) amount of years. The holder of the position shall have himself removed from office after (x) years, in which case the Deputy is to preside over the league. This man shall take his Deputy from the next nation and so on so forth.
  2. In the case when a chairman is impeached or under impending resignation, an election shall be held a fortnight before he leaves office. In the case where he is unable to hold his position (i.e., illness, et cetera), the Deputy Chairman shall hold his position under the title of Acting Chairman. In the case of his death, the Deputy shall take his position as Chairman.
  3. It is possible that the chairman shall become involved in crime, treason, or any form of national disobedience of failure to comply with League laws. In such a case, the ambassadors of the league and Chief of States of all the member states shall hold a vote as to whether or not to impeach him. A two-thirds majority of all ambassadors is required for impeachment. Alongside, a 5/6 majority of all chief of states, while not a necessity, is beseeched for impeachment. In the case of a split vote, it shall be required that the legislative branch of each member nation votes on the issue.
  4. The Chairman shall have a Cabinet, comprised of one delegate from every member nation, excluding the home nations of the Deputy and Chairman.

Article II, Organization

  1. All nations are required to select a committee of nine ambassadors, organized in one delegation. Three new ambassadors must be introduced every twenty one months.
  2. One of nine ambassadors from every delegations must be chosen to be speaker for that nation.
  3. When it comes to vote on the passage of laws and/or agreements, a seven-twelfth majority (or a number close to this) of nations is required for passage.
  4. The League shall have its own armed forces, with an equal amount of power provided from every nation. This force shall be called "the International Peacekeeping Force" (IPF) and shall be deployed when the Cabinet issues a declaration for usage of the IPF.


  • RNE: This looks promising NY, i like it.
  • Manitoba likes this Article and supports it
  • Southwest Republic supports it.
  • The NFR supports this Charter
  • ULRM supports it.
  • FSA Supports it.
  • Greater Colorado's military is too small to contribute to an IPF


  • Greater Colorado suggests that the League of Nations should change its name to the League of American Nations.
    • US flag 33 starsWar Time Flag
    • CivilEnsign33Peace Time Flag

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