The League of Nations is a league of allied states formed in the aftermath of the Fail War by several nations in order to provide a common and stronger defense among them. The Fail War brought to light that almost any race or culture can fight strongly and win together. The League of Nations is devoted toward one purpose, the common defense of its members against imperialist aggression. We are a defensive only alliance, and if one of our members starts a war the League will not support it.


Voting Members

  • Kingdom of the Dimurats
  • Kingdom of Normandy
  • Kingdom of Korea
    • Kingdom of Karika


  • Kingdom of Carthage
  • Maya
  • Wales


Major Threat

  • None

Minor Threat

  • None


  • Portugal
  • Japan
  • Germany


  •  Not decided

League Assembly

First Assembly of the League

Location: Krizium, UKAP

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