The League of Nations is an international body based out of Geneva, Switzerland, designed as an open forum for various nations to collaborate on global matters and to settle disputes in harmony. The idea of a "League of Nations" was floated out as early as the 19th century, but only mid-20th century communication made such an international body feasible. The League of Nations was nominally founded in 1935 as a direct response to the devastating ‎Pacific War and its headquarters were designated in Geneva due to Switzerland's long-held neutrality and the classic role Switzerland has played in resolving disputes. The French Empire did not join the League of Nations until 1949 under intense international pressure to do so. The United States, while in theory a founding member of the League of Nations, did not participate in any League of Nations meetings until 1948, when President Prescott Bush addressed the General Assembly.

The League of Nations has a "Security Council" with five permanent members who have veto powers - the United States, the French Empire, China, Japan and Turkey - as well as four extra seats for other nations on a rotating basis. Both Persia and Oceania have lobbied for a greater role on the Security Council.

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