League of Latin America
Latin American League
Administrative center Cordoba, Argentina
Official languages Spanish, Portuguese 
Recognised regional languages English, French, 
Ethnic groups  Latin Americans, Caribbean, Central Americans.
Demonym American, Latino/a
Type Trade, Research, and Military Union (Volunteered)
Membership Founding Members

Flag of ArgentinaArgentina
Flag of ChileChile
Flag of ColombiaColombia
Flag of EcuadorEcuador
Flag of Paraguay Night of the Living Alternate HistoryParaguay
Flag of VenezuelaVenezuela
Flag of UruguayUruguay

Members (Admit Date)

Flag of BoliviaBolivia '83
Flag of Santa Cruz (Night of the Living Atlernate History)Santa Cruz '83
PERU0003 Peru '84
Coat of arms of Brazil Brazil '84
Republica do SulSul '91
Flag of NicaraguaNicaragua '93
Flag of PanamaPanama '93
Flag of Costa RicaCosta Rica '93
Flag of Mexifornya (NotLAH) Mexifornya '95
Florida Flag Proposal Lord Grattan Florida Sur '97


Flag of the Kingdom of Granada Granada (Obs-1982)
Coat of arms of the Vatican City Holy See - LA (Obs-1981)
Flag Portugal (1830) Portugal (Observer-1982)

Flag of Honduras Honduras '93
Establishment 1981

The League was founded on promoting peace and prosperity in Latin America, increase trade, research and military peace and co-operation. 


Resolution 001, 002, 003

In southern Brazil and Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. uprisings have begun saying the Brazilian government is not doing enough for its people in the south, SP and RdJ. Also, evidence has been found by UR special agents that they supplied Guyana, French Guiana and Suriname with weapons and money specifically to target ousting UR settlers in the coastal region. Thus a vote to suspend the current Brazilian government from its full status in the LAL is required (001). A further vote to send a diplomatic team to discuss terms between the rebels and the current gov (002). And one more further vote to sanction or embargo Northern Brazil until an explanation is given for the affairs in Guyana (003). 

Please state your vote below:

Flag of ArgentinaArgentina: Yes, Yes, No
Flag of ChileChile: Yes, Yes, Yes
Flag of ColombiaColombia: Yes, Yes, Yes
Flag of EcuadorEcuador: Yes, Yes, Yes
Flag of Paraguay Night of the Living Alternate HistoryParaguay: Yes, Yes, Yes
Flag of VenezuelaVenezuela: Yes, Yes, Yes
Flag of UruguayUruguay: Yes, Yes, No
Flag of BoliviaBolivia: No, Yes, No
Flag of Santa Cruz (Night of the Living Atlernate History)Santa Cruz: Yes, Yes, No
PERU0003Peru: No, No, No
Coat of arms of BrazilBrazil: No, No, No


I would like to point out that the weapons were from Brazil, not from the Brazilian government, i e, they stole/bought/smuggled them from Brazil, and that the rebels have already disbanded since they got what they wanted. Kicking Brazil' out might defeat the purpose of this whole organization, by the way, unless you expect all these nations to turn against Brazil.

The point of this vote is decide how to proceed 'further in aiding the people of Brazil and helping the Brazilian government become adequate in governing its people. Hence, why major trading nations with Brazil would have voted NO to Res 003. The LAL already determined that the current Brazilian government is inadequate at governing all of its current people. 

LAL Resolution and Statement

Brazil's government will be suspended from bringing resolutions to the table. A further vote will be required to suspend their voting privileges. Brazil must show proof of improving their ability to govern the people in all parts of Brazil. Individual nations will be left on their own to decide whether to continue trade with Brazil. The LAL will host series of peace conferences in Porto Alegre and Cordoba. These will be known as the Sul Peace Conference and will discuss measures Brazil needs to take. 

Sul Peace Confernce

Sul Proposal

The States of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, and Parana wish to form the Republica do Sul. 

  • Brazil recognizes Republica do Sul as an independent nation. 
  • Sul receives admitance in the League of Latin America and will join the ULN.
  • LAL will help Brazil reform its government in hopes to satisfy and alleviate the claims of the people of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and any other areas in which claims of an inadequate and uncaring government originate.
  • LAL will continue to look into the Brazilian Gun laws and precautionary measures of selling to foreigners. 
  • Brazil will receive all of its privileges in the LAL back once the government has been reformed. 
  • United Republics will take responsiblity for helping defend Sul. UR military will train Sul officers. 
  • Sul will become a client satellite/puppet state of the United Republics (citing deep ideological similarties and economic dependence and military dependence and trust on the UR. 

UR Statement

The United Republics and the League of Latin America will assist Brazil in reforming its government to the people's needs. UR hopes this will lead to less concentration on the cities of Northern Brazil and the Federal Distrect, and more on the people of Brazil as a whole. 

Brazil Response

The nation would be a satellite of Brazil, and a vassal of the UR, since Brazil is releasing it. Aside from that, we agree to this treaty.

Mscoree, Satellite traditionally means that the region and nation is dependent on a more powerful nation in the region. A satellite state/nation is economically, politically, ideologically, and/or military influenced by the more powerful nation. And it Sul would clearly be a puppet at the moment of the UR since they politically backed the rise of current leader and president Cadorin.  Sul would move toward vassal as the UR has to give less and less money to assist Sul in its endeavours. 

I understand that, I thought it might make since for Brazil to retain some control in this situation. 

For now I put mildly influenced by Brazil for cultural reasons. Satellite is just not the right word, neither is any client state relationship.

Amazon Peace Conference

Brazilian Proposal

We propose that Brazil kees its OTL borders in the Amazon region, and believe that Colombia placed these claims because of a cartography error in the region.

Colombian Proposal

Almost ever since the withdrawal of the Brazilian nation from the amazons during the Zombie wars, Colombia has been sending aid to the small groups of people that remained in the forest and, in fact, it has moved several settlers to the territories and the referred republic of Manaus (Portuguese: Republica do Manaus, Spanish: Republica de Manao) and, in fact, we had secured some territories using Colombian resources, hence our claim is a valid claim, rather than a cartographic mistake.
Colombian Proposal I

Colombian Proposal #1

Brazil: We never relinquished claim of the territory, and by claiming our pre-apocalypse territory you are infringing on the 1970 global treaty stating that "you may not claim another nation's infected or quarantined territory."

Santa Cruz: Asks for a resolution to be made soon, or else UR nations will take action. 

Announcement 004

Recent declaration of war by Colombia against Brazil has led to many deaths along the border. Both nations must be contained before massive war breaks out. 

Announcement 005

As World War Three ends we must not let down our guard. Europe and Asia are still intense places. Thus a creation of a partner military organization may be necessary or adding a military force to this one. Thus we ask all nations to remain on guard and diplomatically discuss things before taking military or economic action.