League of Justiciars
Active 1907–1924, 1929–???
Country Spain, Algeria, France, Portugal, Morocco
Allegiance none
Type Crime fighting
Size over 20 members
Patron Duchy of Valencia, Reyes Financial Group
Colors Red, white, blue, gold

The League of Justiciars is a team of crime fighting vigilantes who operate in southwestern Europe and northwestern Africa. It was founded in 1907. The team is somewhat based on the Knights of the Gentian, and Prince Bruno (Batman) took his identity from Balthasar the Vespertilio.


  • The Batman (Prince Bruno of Spain) - Prince Bruno's father, Prince Tomas, was banished from the royal family and stripped of his inheritance for morganatically marrying a common woman named Marta. Tomas eventually found gainful employment as the president of a medical institution and made his own fortune. Unfortunately, Tomas and Marta were killed by a common thief in the streets of Madrid. This led Bruno to seek reformation in the corrupt and dangerous city. As the son of a morganatic marriage, he could not count on the royal family for support and instead survived solely on the inheritance his father left him. He was raised by Alfredo, a former royal guard who had been sent to watch Prince Tomas after his banishment. One of the Batman's earliest take downs was a criminal known as the Scarecrow, a veteran of the Spanish War of Unification. He was present at the bloody Battle of Toledo and witnessed much of the civilian death caused by the retreating Castilian forces. The Batman took him down after he started attacking women in the streets after incapacitating them with some sort of chemical. After the childless death of his uncle Prince Juan, Bruno was made Duke of Valencia and restored to royalty. Prince Bruno later single handedly defeated the Red Hood, an insane communist leader who was causing terror attacks across Spain. The defeat of the Red Hood was viewed as great success in the campaign against communism. When the Red Hood was executed by the state, he died laughing. However, as Prince Bruno, the Batman argued against the execution of Red Hood and other communist leaders, failing to do so.
  • Wonder Woman (Princess Diana of Algeria) - Princess Diana is the daughter of King Peter of Algeria. She was raised in seclusion from the royal court by her mother due to her mother's family's hatred of Algeria. She eventually moved to Algeria anyway and married General Esteban Trejas, a leader of the Algerians during the Great War. Her cousin Prince Bruno later recruited her in his anti-crime crusade since she was a skilled fighter for a noblewoman. Princess Diana became less active after she became the Queen of Algeria, but her daughter, also named Diana, became involved with the League.
  • Superman (Conrad Katz) - Conrad Katz (born Kalel Kentov) is a Pskovian immigrant who was forced from his home due to communist threats against his family back home. In Spain, he was adopted by the German Katz family and became a journalist and a strongman on the side in his adulthood. Katz was inspired by tales of the Batman and began doing the same in Zaragoza. Superman became publicly famous when he took down the radical communist leader, Dietrich Zigor.
  • The Flash (Bartolomé Alvez) - Alves was a police investigator in Valencia until he was struck by lightning. After this, he joined a traveling circus in which he showcased his great speed. An businessman and former athlete, Javier Guerra, found Alves and recruited him for the 1896 Olympics, where he won the 1500 metres gold medal for Spain. He is celebrated as the fastest man alive. He later returned to fighting criminals in his home city, supported by Javier Guerra, who later became the Mayor of Valencia.
  • Aquaman (Arturo Curio) - Arturo was the son of a lighthouse keeper at Gibraltar. He rose to prominence in his home as a soldier in service of the Croatian Guard at Gibraltar. When Gibrtaltar was returned to Spain, Curio was given the title Keeper of the Pillars of Hercules by the Bautista government, replacing the Ventura appointee Ogan Marquez. Curio is also involved in the governance of Melilla and has frequent business in Algeria. When he was in Algeria, he was attacked by Berber nationalists led by the Black Mazigh. The Berbers held him hostage on a boat until he escaped and swam back to Gibraltar. He succeeded in defending Gibraltar from an attack by the Berbers, which earned him national fame.
  • Moroccan Manhunter (Juan Juarez) - Juan Juarez, born Hamza ibn Jafar, was a Moroccan soldier stationed along the border with Spain. While he was on duty, a group of Spanish criminals attacked and burned his town, killing his family. He left the military and began a crusade against the people responsible for the incident and became famous along the border region as the Moroccan Manhunter. He eliminated seven of the nine criminals and traced the last two to Madrid, where he was confronted the Batman. The Batman aided him in getting justice. However, ibn Jafar could not return home as he had been branded a criminal and a deserter, so the Batman helped him forge a new identity in Spain. Thus, Juan Juarez was born. Juarez served briefly in the Spanish army before deciding to become a police captain. The Batman returned to him when the League was being formed and asked him to join the team.
  • Green Lantern Corps - During the Great War, the Royal Army Air Corps was established as a precursor to the eventual Royal Air Force. The RAAC was known as the Green Lantern Corps because the most common type of plane used by the Corps was the Green Lantern, developed by aviation pioneer Carlo Ferreira.
    • Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) - The most famous pilot in the Corps was Hal Jordan, with over 100 confirmed aerial kills. Jordan became a friend of Barry Alvez during the war. By the end of the war, he had become a colonel in the Corps. He used his new position to develop new aerial technology, improved fighter planes, and commercialized airplanes. Alvez recommended Jordan to the team and he joined it, working with Prince Bruno to develop a very modern plane for its time, the Bat. Unfortunately, the Bat was so expensive to produce that only two were ever made, both used by Prince Bruno. Colonel Jordan eventually married Carla Ferreira, daughter of Carlo Ferreira.
    • Green Marine (Juan Stroya) - Juan Stroya was the son Berber immigrants. He eventually joined the Marine Corps and fought in the Great War. Stroya was one of the few pilots in the Marine Corps and gained the attention of Colonel Jordan. After the war, Jordan frequently recruited Stroya to test new planes for him. Stroya later served as a bodyguard for the Prime Minister before deciding to become an architect. Stroya was invited to join the League after a referral from Hal Jordan, and became known as the Green Marine, despite the fact that the Marines were referred to as the "Blues".
    • Green Lantern (Guy Garcia) - Guy Garcia was a pilot in the Green Lantern Corps. He had a noted rivalry with Hal Jordan and was resentful of his frequent promotions. However, Jordan respected him as one of the finest pilots in the Corps. After the war, he returned to his home city of Toledo where he resumed his job as a police officer. Desperate for money, he began working for the bosses as a muscleman and eventually came into conflict with Green Archer. Garcia changed sides after Cristian Esperanza gave him up to the police and blamed many of his crimes on him. He was successfully defended in court by lawyers hired by Reyes, who invited him to join his cause against the bosses. Garcia decided to take him up on the offer. Prince Bruno was initially hesitant to allow Garcia to join the league, but Colonel Jordan put in a good word for him and he became another Green Lantern in the League. Garcia frequently filled in for Jordan, who was often away at his day job in the military, until his death in 1922. It later transpired that an old comrade from the Corps, Thal Sinestrez murdered him. This led to Jordan taking on the mantle of the Green Lantern again to hunt down Sinestrez.
    • Green Lantern (Kyle Vasquez) - After killing Guy Garcia, Thal Sinestrez began hunting down other veterans of the Corps from the war. Vasquez only served for a few months and never saw any real combat action. Despite this, Sinestrez was still out to kill him. He successfully defended himself, which attracted the attention of Hal Jordan. Jordan invited him to become the new Green Lantern in the League, which he initially denied. Vasquez's choice mattered little as the League was soon disbanded, but he eventually joined the second incarnation of the League.
  • Green Archer (Oliver Reyes) - Oliver Reyes was the son of wealthy Toledo businessman Roberto Reyes. Roberto and Oliver went sailing to Italy, but on the return voyage, their ship was attacked by a fierce storm, leaving Oliver as the only survivor. He was stranded on a remote island before being picked up by pirates, who delivered him to Carthage. In Carthage, he was forced to live in the streets and gained renown as a boxer in the criminal underground. He later became famous as a hunter of large game, which earned him a great fortune of his own and allowed him to return to his native Toledo. In Toledo, his father's wealth had been seized by the bosses. The biggest boss, Cristian Esperanza, married his mother. Oliver received no justice in the legal system, so he used his own wealth to take down the bosses and their gangs, which resulted in a long street war that did not end until Reyes fought Esperanza and killed him. Reyes then turned his eye to piracy, working with Arturo Curio to combat Mediterranean pirates. Curio eventually recommended him to the League and they accepted him. Reyes is a major source of funds for the League.
  • Canary (Laurel Reyes) - The wife of Oliver Reyes, Laurel Reyes was the daughter of Toledo mayor Miguel Ortiz. Ortiz was despised among the Toledo elite for making his own way to leadership instead of being backed by the bosses. The bosses conspired to eliminate him, culminating in his assassination. Laurel uncovered the conspiracy and became a target of the bosses. She resolved to get her revenge and eventually recruited the aid of Oliver Reyes. They worked together to fight local crime and eventually got married. Canary joined the League with her husband.
  • Nightwing (Rico Gris) - As a child, Prince Bruno was often unattended and wandered the streets of the city. He befriended petty thief Duarte Gris. When Bruno became the Batman, Duarte was killed by communists, so Bruno took in Duarte's orphan son Rico. Rico eventually followed him and adopted the identity of the Robin. Rico was injured during the Great War and when he returned, he abandoned the mantle of Robin and decided to forge a new identity, Nightwing.
  • Automaton (Victor Piedra) - Victor Piedra was a local athlete before joining the Army to serve in the Great War. He became friends with Barry Alvez, serving in the same company. Piedra was injured in 1910 by French artillery, almost blowing off half of his body. Desperate to save their son, Victor's parents agreed to give their son to a scientist who said he could save him. Victor was indeed saved, but his missing parts had been replaced by experimental metal and mechanical parts. Victor became an outcast and tried to hide his parts, running away from home. He discovered his new parts were very strong and turned to a career of crime. He was captured by Superman, who encouraged him to use his parts to defend people instead of being a thief. He refused, and after Superman let him go, he teamed up with Duarte Gris. After Duarte's death, Prince Bruno met Victor. The prince pressured him to fight crime instead of engaging in it, and he eventually relented. He took on the name Automaton and joined the League.
  • Supergirl (Kara Katz) - Kara is the adoptive sister of Conrad Katz, the biological daughter of the Katzes. Upon learning that Conrad was Superman, she resolved to follow in his footsteps and adopted an identity of her own. Kara became a public figure separately of Supergirl by becoming a leader in the Spanish suffragist movement.
  • Firestorm team (52nd Infantry) - The flamethrower came into widespread use during the Great War. The modern version of the weapon was developed during the war by Dr. Martin Stamos and first implemented in battle by the 52nd Infantry unit. The first men to wield the weapon were Privates Ronaldo Ruiz, Jaime Jax, and Jason Rusch. They were awarded medals for their services in pioneering this weapon. The 52nd Infantry's veterans are sometimes called upon by the League, with Ruiz being called upon most frequently. Pskovian immigrant Mikhail Arkhadin, who also served in the 52nd Infantry, refused the offer to join the League. Dr. Stamos is a scientific advisor and technology developer for the League.


  • Esteban Trejas, Prince consort of Algeria - Col. Trejas married Princess Diana of Algeria and eventually became Prince consort when she became the Queen. Trejas was a key commander of the Algerians during the Great War. Trejas started as a colonel during the war and became a general by its end.
  • Carlos Ferreira - Aviation pioneer and father-in-law of Hal Jordan. Ferreira designed such famous planes as the  Green Lantern and the Bat.


  • Red Hood - Leader of the Spanish People's Liberation Front. The Red Hood frequently employed terror tactics and turned himself into a crime lord in the poor neighborhoods of Madrid. He paid off the police and eluded those who could not be bought by using doubles. He was eventually caught by the Batman. At his trial, he was sentenced to death.
  • Lluc Lopez - Lluc Lopez was a prominent Zaragoza businessman. He despised the actions of vigilantes, especially the Superman, who frequently disrupted his illicit acitivities. He began a public campaign to arrest vigilantes and was given a special post in the Bautista government to pursue this goal. Lopez made an enemy of Prince Bruno, who was in favor of allowing vigilantes to act where the law did not. Lopez resolved to eliminate Prince Bruno and the Superman at once. Deducing that Bruno was the Batman and the Superman was Conrad Katz, he informed Katz that Bruno was secretly aiming to murder his way to the throne of Spain. The evidence was strongly agains the prince, as he maintained files of great detail on the comings and goings and general living of the royal family, nominally for their safety. Lopez intended for Katz to kill Bruno and then be tried for the murder. However, Katz and the prince confronted Lopez with charges of fraud and treason, for indeed he had frequently made common cause with communists. Lopez was arrested and incarcerated.
  • Lord Maximilian - Maximilian was the bastard son of the king. He held important noble titles but wielded little authority. During the war, he was given command of logistics and transportation. Maximilian was close with his cousin Bruno. Upon the foundation of the League, Maximilian supported them as they were against his political opponent, Lluc Lopez. Maximilian later turned against the League due to a personal dispute with Prince Bruno. Maximilian hired unemployed and homeless veterans of the war to fight the League. 
  • Fand Al-Safajj - Fand Al-Safajj was the latest in an ancient line of Berber chieftains. Each chief took on the name of Fand upon becoming chief. This particular Safajj was a Berber nationalist and after amassing enough power, overthrew the government and declared the formation of a Berber state. He declared war on Spain for oppressing the Berber people, but his forces were thrown back and failed to land the coasts of Spain. He returned to Algeria, where General Esteban Trejas was leading a resistance movement in the desert. Trejas contacted the League and asked them to remove him from power so as to prevent bloodshed in Algeria. Although the League defeated Safajj's troops, he escaped into the desert. Safajj was later killed by the Moroccan Manhunter, who found him in the deserts of Morocco leading a doomsday cult.



Involvement in the war

Post war activity

Outlaws and disbandment


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