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The League of Innsbruck was a military alliance created by Holy Roman Emperor Charles V in 1529 to combat Jean Pierre Valois-Arc of France. Following the invasion of Trier by French forces and the continued increase in French influence over the Rhineland, Charles V approached several Imperial states in an effort to gather support for a liberation. Heinrich XVIII was approached by Charles V several years before the official creation of the alliance, who was both an ally of Charles' and an ally of the former Treverite government under Archbishop Elector Christian von Württemberg, who promised support against the French when the time came.

The alliance was officially commissioned in 1529 after a meeting in Innsbruck. Shortly afterword a meeting of the Reichstag was called in Augsburg by Charles' kinsman Chancellor Balthasar von Habsburg the Vespertilio. The ensuing meeting, known as the Reinland Befreiung (Rhineland Liberation), which called for a joint Imperial campaign to push back the foreign French invasion and return them to their rightful owners, was unanimously passed.

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