The League of Gichigamee is a politico-military alliance consisting of the Ashinaabeg, Potawatomi, Nehilaw, Gojijiwininag, Chisasibi and Nemaska. 

Member Nations

Non-Voting Members 

  • Twightee


  • Participating nations shall agree to a pact of mutual defence against aggression towards any of the aforementioned nations, but will not act to prevent peaceful influence by other nations.
  • Influenced nations shall remain part of the League when vassalized.
  • None of the participating nations shall attempt to attack, influence or otherwise conflict with each other. 
  • Nations involved will coordinate their military actions, but may choose to support each other, or not, in the event of an offensive war.  
  • The League may choose to undertake an offensive war against mutual enemies. 
  • Colonies or European nations may join. 
  • The League shall remain limited to the abovementioned Borealian nations in order to avoid conflict with European powers, and shall not expand to include more Borealian nations, unless a two-thirds majority accepts such expansion.
  • Nations shall work together to revive the heritage of Mississipia and modernize with benefit to all.
  • Trade agreements may be concluded with nations outside of the League.  
  • Free passage through the starits of Mackinac shall be granted to all League members in perpetuity.
  • Nations may unify through marriage alliances.
  • All nations in the League shall work together to modernize. 
  • Any modification to this document requires a two-thirds majority.  
  • Issues brought before the League shall also require a two-thirds majority to create a binding resolution, which shall then bind all League members.


Mississipia Trade and the Twightee 

For decades since the collapse of Mississipia the Twightee have held their malevolent monopoly on trade with the southern reaches of Borealia, exacting tolls and raising prices on goods passing through their territory. Only recently have the Nehilaw come to realize the economic damage this exacts on the nations of the North, which wish only for the right to trade freely on the river. Yet their control of the headwaters of the Kankakee means that this accident of geography has given them a power over us they do not deserve and cannot use justly. We, the Nehilaw, propose that the League act to rectify this situation through the most efficacious means left to us: war.  If victorious, we propose that the Twightee join the League as a non-voting member, that suitable amounts of  their territory pass to the League's members, and that free trade for all League members be forever allowed on the Kankakee. 

-High Sachem Balthasar Mistahi, Admiral of the Adelheid Sea, Marshal of the Nehilaw, Eagle of the North. 

Member Decisions:

Two thirds majority, motion passed. 

Dissolution of the League 

With the Nehilaw now a French protectorate, it is impossible for the League to continue in its stated goals. hence, the Nehilaw propose the dissoltuon of the League. 

Two thirds majority, motion passed.  

Illinikew and Trade Restrictions 

Illinikew, once the glorious seat of Mississipia, has fallen into chaos since the destruction of that mighty nation. This anarchy makes trade through the Cahokia River impossible, as well as exacting a fearful toll on the innocent people of Illinikew. The League's purposes, to establish order among the nations of Borealia, to facilitate trade, and to restore the civilization of Borealians to its height, are all in direct conflict with the barbarity and chaos embodied by Illinikew. The Nehilaw propose that the League intervene to re-establish order. 

Two thirds majority again, motion passed. 

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