The League of Erfurt is a defensive and non-aggression pact between Evangelical nations of the Holy Roman Empire.

Its origins began in 1529, when newly crowned Emperor John von Wettin invited all Evangelical leaders to Erfurt to negotiate the terms of a treaty. Current League members are: Saxony, Bohemia, Bavaria, Lorraine, and Württemberg. Any future members must be approved by a vote of current members.


Article I


  1. The League of Erfurt is hereby established as a multilateral alliance.
  2. The League shall be comprised of sovereign member states that practice the Evangelical faith.
  3. All members must recognize and join Luther's Holy and Evangelical Church of Germany and transfer all Catholic churches within their realms to the Church.

Article II


  1. No member state shall attack or engage in aggressive behavior, including espionage or embargo, against any other member state, unless a member state violates Sections 2 or 3 of this Article.
  2. Should any member state attack another member state, it shall be suspended from the League and all other member states shall be obligated to attack the offending nation.
  3. Should any member state engage in aggressive behavior against another member state, it shall be temporarily suspended from the League and be embargoed by all other member states.

Article III

Mutual Defense

  1. Should any member state be under attack in a defensive war, all members must declare war upon the attacking nation.
  2. Should a member fail to defend another member state, it shall be temporarily suspended from the League.
  3. The spoils of victory from a successful invasion rout shall be distributed in the favor of the nations coming to the rescue of the defending nation.
  4. Should any non-member engage in any aggressive behavior, including espionage or embargo, against a member state, other members must embargo the offending non-member. 

New Members


  • In Favor:
  • Opposed:


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