This is my first (and maybe last) timeline. You may be surprised about the name, but here's what it means. NATO, Warsaw Pact and the Non-Aligned Movement never did exist.

Some notes before reading

  • Delaying military year (DMY) is the year which all military activities are temporarily paused.
  • Joking year (JY) is the year which there's a problem in everyone's brain, thus making things funny.
  • Law switching year (LSY) is the year which laws around the world are reviewed, thus may make elections, foreign angriness and others.

Point of Divergence

The Soviet Union set up its allies in 1945.

In 1946 a hard economic crisis hits the Communist system. These nations goes into chaos, and soon a wave of Revolutions start in the Eastern Europe (which resembles OTL Revolutions of 1989). There wasn't enough food and money for everybody, which result in high inflation. For example in 1946 the Soviet ruble has its value only 0.0002% of its value in 1936. In Poland the inflation rate was 1,576%. The overall inflation rate in the system was 1,200%.

In most nations there were peaceful protests, but not in the Soviet Union. Chechnyan Democratic Government declared a Chechen War against the central government. Soon reforms were tried, but can't resolve the problem. War expand to the Baltics, where the civil governments had banned flagging of the Union Flag. Then the Moldavian Independence Government took power against the Moldavian SSR. Natives and the prisoners set up a Far East Free Government. Soon the Red Army was defeated in these. Kaliningrad was influenced and was freed as the Red Army can't come to the place. Similarly Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia declared independence.

The remaining republics (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyztan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia) started to write a new constitution (Constitution of 1948). However the result of the policy of common language in the new constitution result in the revolt of the Karelia SSR as the Karelian Capitalist Movement. Similarly protests started around Central Asia. Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tajik and Uzbek SSRs were overthrew. Finally Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Turkmenistan signed a treaty which dissolve the Union, replacing it with the BRUT Area.


Soviet Union collapse, and nations flip into Fascist. The democracies around the world decided to create an organization called League of Democracies (LoD). For an unknown reason the colonies around the world are also freed.

LoD map

Red is Communist, green are members of the League of Democracies, and black are Fascists.

Following that in September the Fascist and Communist signed the Fascist - Communist Pact (FCP).

Note: The nation to the south of the Gulf of Riga is Livonia, in the Far East is the Far East Republic, in North Caucasus is Chechnya, west of Finland is Karelia, and southwest of Lithuania is Kaliningrad.


  • Ireland changes it name to Celtic Union, thus claiming North Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall, Brittany, Isle of Man and Wales.
  • The Iraqi Civil War broke. Kurdia (north) is supported by LoD members, Sunnia (central) is supported by the Fascists and Shiitia (south) is supported by the Communists.
  • The FCP breaks.
  • Afghanistan, Pakistan, South Africa, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Libya, Oman, Jordan, UAE, Tunisia, Algeria, Sarawhi, Morocco, Mauritania, Sudan, Somalia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain joined the LoD, Iran joined the Fascists.
  • Border clashes between Turkmenistan and Iran.
  • The Mongolian Revolution breaks.
  • Border clashes between Colombia and Venezuela.
  • Namibia joined the Communists.
  • South African War begins, South Africa attacks Mozambique.
  • Lesotho and Swaziland joined the LoD.
LoD map 1950

Map of the world in 1950.

  • Tibet declares independence.


  • Ireland attacks the Isle of Man, starting the Celt War.
  • Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg attacks Cornwall, Scotland, Wales.
  • Kurdia fully gets Sunnia.
  • Kuwait attacks Shiitia.
  • Afghanistan attacks Turkmenistan.
  • Zimbabwe joins the Communists.
  • South Africa attacks Zimbabwe
  • Botswana joins the LoD and attacks Zimbabwe
  • Namibia lost most of it territories to South Africa
  • Jamaica joins LoD and occupies all of the Lesser Antilles
  • Tibet achieves full independence, but is going to get a huge war with China soon
  • Turkestan declares independence.
  • South American War broke, Bolivia joins the Communists and Chile joins the LoD.
  • Guyana and Suriname joins the LoD, and attack Venezuela.
  • Ethiopia joins the Fascists.
  • Philippines occupies the Hainan Island.
  • Nuclear weapons are built in the European LoDs.
LoD map 1951

World in 1951

  • Chechnya attack the Crimean Peninsula and got full control of it.

1952 (DMY)

  • Elections in all LoD members.


  • Chinese War begins, with Tibet, Turkestan and Taiwan on a side, and China on the other side
  • A tiny Western tip of Mongolia becomes the Republic of Mongolia, which declares war against the People's Republic of Mongolia.
  • Namibia surrenders to South Africa
  • 2 LoD atomic bomb test in the Saharan Desert. Successful attempt
  • The area around the tri-point between Czech, Slovakia and Poland becomes Galiciad City, which builds up into the Capital of the Union of Democracy.
LoD map 1953

World in 1953

  • Poland, India and Romania fly space satellites into the space.


  • League of Democracies are attacking China from all directions possible. The Hainan Island falls to Philippines.
  • The Republic of Mongolia are now controlling a quarter of Mongolia, but still attacked by Russia, China and People's Republic of Mongolia.
  • Coup d'etat in Syria. Leadership falls to Iran-aligned Fascist
  • The United States Army and the Royal Army move some of its troops in to the Persian Gulf.
  • Completion of Galiciad
  • Kurds set up the Syrian Kurdish Republic, a puppet of the Republic of Kurdia
  • The Middle East War begins, as the Syrian Kurdish Republic(SKR) and the Republic of Kurdia launch an attack against the Fascist State of Syria (FSS), with FSS and Iran replying by launch a missile into Northern Kurdia
LoD map 1954

World in 1954

  • Ireland got control of the Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and Brittany.


  • Coup d'etat in Lebanon and Shiitia backed by Iran and the FSS
  • Pan - Arab Democratic meeting in Cairo
  • Grand Summit of the League of Democracies in Galiciad
  • Lebanon, Shiitia, FSS, Iran, Cambodia, North Korea, Ethiopia, Myanmar and China meet at Shanghai, leading to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (coloured blue).
  • Turkmenistan got the North of Iran, while Iran is also losing territories to Kuwait in the south
  • North and South Yemen united into the Republic of Yemen, joining the League of Democracies
LoD map 1955

World in 1955. Note that Blue is the SCO.

  • War broke in Gibraltar between Fascist forces of Spain - Portugal - UK and League of Democracies members Morocco - Algeria - Tunisia and local revolutionist, which declares independence and joins the LoD


  • All members of the LoD approve the Charter. Union is predicted to be done in 1960
  • Israel, Turkey, Kurdia and the Syrian Kurdish Republic declare war state.
  • Revolution in French Guiana. The revolutionists declare a Republic of Guiana, seeking membership of the LoD
  • Bolivia and Chile achieve a temporary peace.
  • The LoD create an Union Central Bank in Galiciad
  • North Korea breaks into the Shilan Republic, the Buryeo Republic and the Corea Republic, similar to the ancient Korean Three Kingdoms. These three nations aims at different political affiliations: Democracy (Shilan), Neutrality (Buryeo) and Dictatorship (Corea). There is a Northern Confederacy as well, consisting mostly of Northern Korea PDR. However, it is considered to be symbolic, as in fact the Confederacy is mostly connected and controlled by its great neighbor, the China PR

    Divisions of North Korea onwards

  • The Manchuria Protectorate is created by the China PR


Unlucky for the humans of the first generation, an asteroid unknown by scientist at that time, hit Mars and changed orbit. On February 20, the asteroid hit Earth. Earth's geological and biological history changed, and the continents broke, hit, broke until trillions of years later.

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