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You agree to do it, and William Stephenson takes you to meet the German expats that have been trained by MI6 to help make sure that the Nazi's never come to power. They were all WWI veterans, and have all left Germany due to threats made to them by Nazi thugs.

You all board a ship for France, and once there, travel through Switzerland, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland, until you arrive in the eastern frontier of Germany, which is the opposite that anyone would expect. You and your companions breeze through customs, and are soon in Berlin again.

A massive funeral had been planned by the Nazi Party to honor their fallen Führer, and you, along with the other men, decide to crash the party and ambush the leaders who are all going to a beer hall to toast Hitler.

That night, you and your men sneak inside the massive building, and see Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Göbbels and Hermann Göring all around one table drinking and talking. Most likely on what their plan is to replace the fallen leader.

Let them plan all they want, you smirk, as you and your men pull out your guns and mow them down. They won't live long enough to figure it out ...

But something seems wrong, now that you think of it. You look behind you to see ...

Tbguy1992 22:53, July 12, 2011 (UTC)

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