Le Centre Impérial (English: The Imperial Center), often referred to simply as Le Centre, is a central region of the south bank of the Seine in Paris, generally regarded as the central administrative district of the French Empire's capital. Consisting of about fifteen square blocks, Le Centre includes the Avenue des Victoires, the Avenue des Obélisques, the Imperial Palace, the various Ministries, the Banque de France, the Imperial Office's headquarters and the Supreme Court of the French Empire. Other governmental headquarters, such as the Ministry of the Churat or the General Assembly, are located near, but just outside, Le Centre.

The name Le Centre is often used as a metonym to refer to the government of France as a whole, in particular the Emperor and his Ministries, similar to the use of White House to refer to the whole American executive branch, Westminster to refer to the English government, Forbidden City to refer to the Chinese government and Dublin Castle to refer to the Irish executive branch.

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