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Lazar Kaganovich
Timeline: Soviet World

Lazar Kaganovich portrait
Kaganovich's official portrait

4th Leader of the Soviet Union
1955 – 1978

Predecessor Georgy Malenkov
Successor Nikolai Podgorny
Born 22 November 1893
Kabany, Russian Empire
Died 25 July 1991
Moscow, Soviet Union
Political Party Communist Party
Lazar Kaganovich was a Russian politician who was the leader of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. He served in this position from 1955 to 1978, when he retired to his home in Moscow. He is considered the cause of the many Soviet and communist victories throughout the 1960s and 1970s across the world, as well as the reason for the growth in Sino-Soviet relations.

He came to power in 1955 following the exile of Georgy Malenkov, the 3rd premier of the Soviet Union, survived a coup and several assassination attempts, and went on to lead the USSR and the Communist Party for 23 consecutive years.