Lavrentiy Beria
Лавре́нтий Бе́рия
Timeline: 6-2-5 Upheaval

Lavrenty Beria
Portrait of Lavrentiy Beria

General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
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Minister of the MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs) of the Soviet Union
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General Secretary Joseph Stalin
Born March 29, 1899
Merkheuli, Kutaisi Governorate, Russian Empire
Died TBD
Political Party Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Religion Atheist
Profession Politician
Lavrentiy Beria (Russian: Лавре́нтий Бе́рия) was an influential General Secretary of the Soviet Union who began to secure power after the death of Joseph Stalin in 1953. Beria would be named Secretary General of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in early 1955, and was known for the establishment of the Bucharest Pact.

His liberal policies of reform and lessened control over other communist nations in Eastern Europe led to him being eventually assasainated by the orders of the Supreme Soviet, led by his former ally, Georgy Malenkov.

Early Life


Political Positions

Power Struggle

The силовую борьбу, or Silovuyu Bor'bu (English: Power Struggle) was an extended bout of Soviet in-fighting that followed the death of General Secretary Joseph Stalin.

Two Sides:


Assasaination and Legacy