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Lavr Georgiyevich Kornilov
800px-General Kornilov

Born August 18, 1870
Political Allegiance Flag of Russia Russian Empire

Imperial Russian Army

White Movement

Years of Service 1892-
Rank General

Russo-Japanese War

Great War

Russian Civil War


Order of St. Stanislaus, 2nd class

Order of St. Stanislaus, 3rd class

Order of St. Anne, 2nd class

Order of St. Anne, 3rd class

Order of St. George, 3rd class

Order of St. George, 4th class

Golden Sword for Bravery

Badge of the Kuban Campaign

Lavr Georgiyevich Kornilov (Лавр Гео́ргиевич Корни́лов) was a Russian general who served in the Russo-Japanese War and the Great War before attempting to overthrow the Kerensky provisional government.

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