Lavr Kornilov rose to pwoer on July 6 1917. His first act was to read out the treaty of brest litovsk out loud to the Russian media to encourage patriotic fervor saying that Russia "shall fight to Vladivostok if need be". He dissolved the russian Empire and had the Tsar, provisional government under arrest (Lenin would be caught in San Francisco) and declared the Russian Federation

The White terror

Since Russia was victorious in WW1, the Communists were on the decline but were still a menace. So the white terror, a vicious series of purges began. an estimated 20 million men, women and children were executed in 10 years.


Kornilov became ill in 1921 with spanish flu, from which he never fully recovered and it significantly weakened his immune system to the extent that he resigned in 1929. He was succeeded by Alexander Dobrinin.

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