Today the Middle East is going through a period now known as the Arab Spring, seeing mass revolutions against the Military dictatorships of Libya, Egypt and others. The idea was also brought forth during the Cuban Revolution of 1957-59 in Latin America, the ideals furthered by Marxist Che Guevara. However it failed to conceive and a continental revolution failed, this timeline will explore if the Latin Countries revolted and started up world revolution in Latin America, starting from Cuba.

Cuba 1959- Fall of Batista

The Revolutionaries led by Comrade Che Guevara had successfully crushed the last strong hold of Batista in Santa Clara, and marched on the capital Havana. Batista fled the country and Fidel Castro took power, freedom had finally triumphed against the dictatorship. The ideals of revolution and freedom for the developing countries were now put forward for all countries to revolt.


Guerrillas styled as Cuban revolutionaries landed on the beaches of Venezuela, trying to model itself after the Cubans.

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