Latin Revolt
Principia Moderni III
BattleofAdrianople1205 zpsdf4fb705
A likely anachronistic depiction of the Battle of Patras.
Date 1427-1428
Location Greece
Result Defeat and Subjugation of the Latins
Byzantine imperial flag, 14th century Roman Empire
Flag of The Latin Empire Latin Roman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Byzantine imperial flag, 14th century John VIII Palaiologos
Flag of The Latin Empire John Asen Zaccaria  (POW)

The Latin Revolt was a military conflict taking place in Achaea and the rest of the Peloponnesus during the first half of the 15th century. The remaining Latin nobility and soldiers rose up against their Roman conquerors in an effort not only to restore their independence, but also to retake the reigns of the Empire that they had lost ever since they lost Constantinople in 1261. A week into their revolt, the Latins crowned John Asen Zaccaria, the illegitimate son of the last Prince of Achaea, as Roman Emperor.

The revolt saw initial success by Latin forces, who were able to seize the city of Patras, their traditional capital ever since the fall of both Constantinople and Athens, as well as most of Achaea. However, the superior Roman Navy prevented the Latins from receiving any reinforcements or support from Catholic nations in western Europe. Furthermore, the inability of the Latins to persuade the local Greek population to accept their rule was also a factor of their decline, just as it was when their Empire was first established in 1204. Roman forces were able to stave off any Latin attacks at Thebes or Sparta, and when the leader of Corinth, who was considered dubious in his loyalty to Constantinople, submitted his city to Roman forces, the Latin days were numbered. Roman forces slowly advanced through the Peloponnesus, eventually coming upon Patras. Roman hopes for a Greek uprising in the city were unfounded, but the Latin forces hedged their bets on a battle outside the city rather than a slow siege. In the Battle of Patras, the Latins were thoroughly defeated.

In the aftermath, Roman forces took control of Patras and the Zaccaria family was captured. Rather than mutilate and execute the conspirators as was common, John VIII spared them, although he did strip them of all their titles. John VIII's brother Constantine married John Asen's half-sister Catherine and John Asen himself was exiled to Sparta, where loyal elements of the Palaiologos could watch him. To this day, the Latins still exist as a distinct minority in the Achaea region, while the Zaccaria family remains an influential factor in Latin affairs.

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