Last on Mars is a 1994 action/science fiction thriller film, based on the bestselling 1987 Elijah Lane novel (and tetralogy) of the same name, and produced by DreamWorks Pictures. In the year 2076, a group of colonists funded by a massive international cooperative are the first humans to permanently settle Mars, but even as the colony grows, so do the dangers inherent with the largely unexplored Red Planet. The film was highly successful, garnering just over $600 million at the box office, while DVD and blu-disc sales have since added nearly $250 million more, while critical praise for the film was nearly unanimous. Well-known film reviewer Brennan Atkins gave it 5/5 stars, saying "Last on Mars promises much, but if the writers hold to the same standard for the remaining films, this is just the first part in an engaging new foray into science fiction."

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