The Las Vegas crime family is a criminal organization that operates as part of the American Mafia (Cosa Nostra) in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada and, practically applied, the entire state of Nevada and in many parts of Deseret and New Mexico. The family is often associated with its leaders from the 1950's through the 1960's, in particular Dino Crocetti and Francis "Furious Frank" Sinatra, who were part of a group of people referred to as the "Rat Pack" due to their illicit business tactics and operations in Las Vegas at the time. The Las Vegas crime family is unique as it combined the forces of Italian criminal muscle with local Jewish gambling runners to eventually corner the gambling market in Las Vegas and drive out the influence of Midwestern and East Coast Mafia outfits, typically through force. For this reason, and since the Las Vegas family aligned itself with non-Italians, in particular the Jewish Gottlieb brothers, they are often not regarded as true Cosa Nostra and are, like the Coppolas in Los Angeles, an offshoot of the pan-American Mafia.

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