Las Vegas (also refered to as Vegas) is the largest city in the U.S state of Nevada and is the county seat for Clark County, NV. Las Vegas is the 43rd largest city in the United States. The city is located in the middle of the Mojave Desert and is bordered by the cities of Boulder City; Henderson; North Las Vegas; and the unincorperated towns of Paradise, Enterprise, Sunrise Manor, and Spring Valley.

Las Vegas was originally a fort established in the current downtown area and served as an stopping point between Salt Lake City and San Bernardino. Las Vegas was abandoned by the Mormons during the Utah War. As time progressed, Las Vegas lost its importance, but soong gained its importance when Hoover Dam was completed in 1936, forming Lake Mead. Many casinos soon came to Vegas after the 1940s, leading to the influx in people, crime, and law enforcement; today, the city has one of the best police forces west of the Mississippi River. The city also served as housing for scientist and staff during the Manhattan Project in the 1950's.

The Las Vegas Strip and its casinos, provide the main center of economy, besides the military, to the city. Las Vegas is located east of the Hoover Dam.

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