Language is the method by which human beings communicate with one another, often through a series of letters or other verbal communication. Culture can largely be defined by language. Therefore, understanding of any geo-political situations relies on understanding of language.

This page lists only languages that are changing in native speakers, by increasing and decreasing number of speakers due to ATL. Most languages have increased their native speakers up, others that are few major languages are decreased. Languages with less speakers are one of them that heavily increased more, as well as Swedish from 9 to 60 million, Finnish from 5 to 22 million, Danish from 5 to 14 million, Icelandic from 300,000 to nearly 5 million, Irish from 1 to 34 million, Berber languages from 30 million to over 160 million, and a ton of other languages. There are also hundreds of native American and African languages, that highly growing in native speakers for chance to became stable. This has been going since 2016 and still growing huge.

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