Many languages are spoken across the world. In many countries, especially those that were formerly colonies, a language that is not native to the country is used as the lingua franca.

List of language families by number of native speakers


Sinitic Languages

  • Mandarin is the primary language of China. In all Chinese colonies that still have large numbers of native settlers it is the language that is used to communicate between tribal languages. It is the most widely spoken language in the world. Large populations of speakers exist in Sen Sia as well.
  • Hakka is primarily spoken in Meixikou, though a few speakers remain in China.
  • Wu is primarily spoken in Na Nan, though a minority exists in Southern China.
  • Yue is primarily spoken in Sia Si, though a few speakers remain in China.
  • Min is primarily spoken in southern China and Taiwan, though minorities exist in all Chinese speaking countries.
  • Small remnants of the Gan and Xiang language speakers still remain in China.

Tibeto-Burman Languages

  • Burmese is spoken in Burma.
  • Rakhine is spoken in Arakan.
  • Tibetan is spoken in the autonomous province of Tibet in China, and by Tibetans in other parts of China.
  • Numerous smaller languages exist throughout India and Southeast Asia.



  • Hindustani is the primary and official language of India and is often called the official language of space.
  • Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Pashto, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Awadhi, Maithili, Oriya, Marwari, Sindhi, Rajasthani, Chhattisgarhi, and Rangpuri, along with many smaller languages, are spoken throughout India.
  • Farsi is spoken in Persia and in parts of Bharat.
  • Sinhalese is spoken in Sri Lanka.
  • Assamese is spoken in the Autonomous Province of Assam in India.
  • Nepali is spoken in the Autonomous Province of Nepal in India.
  • Kurdish is spoken in Kurdistan.
  • Ossetian is spoken in Ossetia.
  • Romani is spoken among the Romani people in Europe.

Romance Languages.

  • Spanish is spoken in Spain.
  • Portuguese is spoken in western Spain, Galician in the Northwest, Asturian in the north and Extremaduran in the Extremadura region.
  • Italian is spoken in Rome, Tuscany and in the states to the north.
  • Venetian, Corsican, Sardinian, Genovese, Lombardic, and Sicilian are spoken in their respective states, with Neapolitan being spoken in southern Rome.
  • Romanian is spoken in Romania.
  • French is spoken in France.
  • Occitanian is spoken in Tolosa.
  • Aragonese is spoken in Aragon.
  • Catalonian and Valencian are spoken in the coastal areas of Aragon.

Hellenic Languages

  • Greek is spoken among the Byzantines, and in areas formerly ruled by them. Numerous smaller languages exist, but it is disputed whether or not they are just dialects.

Germanic Languages

  • German is spoken in Germany.
  • English is spoken in Englan and a little bit in Scotland and Ireland.
  • Dutch is spoken in Wageningen.
  • Swedish is spoken in Sweden.
  • Danish is spoken in Denmark.
  • Norwegian is spoken in Norway.
  • Icelandic is spoken in Iceland.
  • Scots is spoken in Scotland.

Balto-Slavic Languages

  • Russian is spoken in Russia.
  • Ukrainian is spoken in the Ukraine.
  • Polish is spoken in Poland.
  • Czech is spoken in Czechoslovakia.
  • Slovakian is spoken in eastern Czechoslovakia.
  • Serbian is spoken in Serbian.
  • Croatian is spoken in Croatia.
  • Slovenian and Bosnian are spoken in parts of Croatia.

Celtic Languages

  • Irish is spoken in Ireland.
  • Scottish Gaelic is spoken in northern Scotland.
  • Welsh is spoken in the Wales region of England.
  • Breton is spoken in the Brittany region of France.

Other Indo-European Languages

  • Armenian is spoken in Armenia.
  • Albanian is spoken in part of the Byzantine Republic.


Japonic Languages

  • Japanese is spoken in Japan, as well as in Nosurando and Kaiketsu (OTL Russian Far East, Alaska and Canada), Ogonkaigari, Central Yodderick and Midorikuni (OTL United States), southeastern islands such OTL Bahamas and Cuba, Choruikako (OTL Uruguay and South Region of Brazil) and Kyujin Koku (OTL Argentina and Chile).

Turkic Languages

Other Languages



  • Coptic is spoken in Egypt.
  • Arabic is spoken in Arabia and Ifriqiya.
  • Berber is spoken in Morocco.



  • Tamil is spoken in the Dravida region of Vijayanagara.
  • Malayalam is spoken in the Kerala region of Vijayanagara.
  • Telugu is spoken in the Andhra region of Vijayanagara.
  • Kannada is spoken in the Karnata region of Vijayanagara.
  • Tulu is spoken in Northern Kerala and Southern Karnata.


Lingua francas

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