This Timeline is focused on main ideas, the first being a more developed pre-Colombian American society, and the second being the Eastern world having more dominance, especially in terms of colonies. Combined, these two differences would have a drastic effect on the way society develops, influencing everything from culture to international trade. Ultimately, we wish to explore what a world would be like with much of what we know changed drastically, and have fun doing it. So have fun reading, and without further ado, our Points of Divergence follow.



Points of Divergence

First Point of Divergence • The Hagerman Horse, also known as the American Zebra does not go extinct. Instead, it is domesticated by various native American tribes, thus allowing various Native American tribes to develop far more than they did in our Timeline. Because of this, the Native Americans are far more centralized and states are able to form, mostly on the Mississippi river, but also near the great lakes and Mesoamerica. These states ​eventually develop a vastly different culture than they did in our timeline, resulting in a multitude of wars and other major events.

  • Secondary Point of Divergence • Because of survival of the Hagerman Horse, the Aztecs are able to migrate to Mesoamerica on horseback. Upon their arrival the sixth century, they are able to use their superior horse skills dominate central Mexica. over the next hundred years. they adopt their own adapted version of already existing Mesoamerican culture. With dominance over central Mexica, and a strong cultural identity, an empire is formed that eventually dominates the land from Panama to Texas.

Second Point of Divergence •


Asian Colonies

European Colonies

  • Louisiana (French)
  • Georgia (British)
  • Florida (Spain)
  • New Amsterdam (Dutch)
  • Quebectoi (French)
  • Alyeska (Russian)

Native North American Nations

Native Central American Nations

Native South American Nations

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