The Land of the Temples is the (historically) green and fertile northern land, which has a great plain full of nature's bounty and much forested/heavily vegetated land covering it. It has plenty of mountains, particularly in the Phikiboom area (see Phikiboom for further details on the mountains by the Phikiboom Sea).

This land has been a holy land since time immemorial, for there are geological wonders to behold, like the Geyser of Youth and the Rainbow Pools, and the Terraced Fountain and bubbling mud pots. (Sound like OTL's Yellowstone Park? Well, of course it does. Yellowstone is the site of a supervolcano, after all...) Due to these natural signs and wonders, and because there are volcanoes visibly erupting and the ground happens to be shaky, there have been temples dedicated to the gods and goddesses said to be behind those wonders. Many temples have gardens and some are quite ornate.

Before the "Siberian Traps" eruptions, this is a wealthy country and is powerful both culturally and militarily.

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