Point of Difference: Special Orders 191 were the key to the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia’s invasion of Maryland in an attempt to bring the war to northern soil and provide a quick end to the war or at the very least, diplomatic recognition by the nations of Europe. However, a copy of these plans was lost and later found by Union soldiers allowing the Union to utterly defeat the Army of Northern Virginia.

Also important was in 1863 when Major General Robert P. Cleburne proposed the freeing of slaves in return for granting them emancipation and freedom. What if released a year earlier following the victory of Lee using Special Orders 191, when Lee's influence would have been at its peak, thus allowing more support throughout the nation for himself called the "Cleburne Memorial"?

But what if these plans had not been found by that lone Yankee soldier and the Cleburne Memorial had been successful? How would it have affected the war's outcome, the United (and Confederate) States future and most importantly, the world?




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