In the years following the discovery of iron weaponry a great military expansion took place, with the most expansion belonging to the Dnalians of the Mississippi. The discovery of steel also played a part in this, and most empires used it along with iron.

Exploring the Mississippi

Dnalia had rebuilt, and were again ready to expand once again. They travelled down the river, and established several cities along the river. They eventually reached Wenneals, and set their military upon the city. Wenneals had set up formidable defences, and used several new weapons found in the Granlenme Sea. Dnalia was determined, and after several weeks broke through the walls and marched through the cities. The government of Wenneals, including King Grata fled to Fetzil. Grata decided to rebuilt his military on the island, and vowed to return to Wenneals. In the city, Dnalia had taken control and began building ships in the docks. Dnalia hoped to control the Granlenme, but while it was building ships turned north up the Mississippi.

Traveling north past the Tennessee, they eventually reached the Ohio River, and met some friendly tribes. During the night, however, warriors from the Miami tribe attacked the Dnalians. Using tar that was on fire, they burned down several of Dnalia's wooden ships. One of the ships returned home, and reported the attack to the King. In response, transport ships filled with troops were sent north. Around 900 BC, a war began between the Miami and Dnalia. The Miami were aided by the Lakotah from the west, and used hit and run tactics against Dnalia to weaken them. During battles, the Miami had a lot of horses to use, and ran circles around Dnalia's troops. For a period of nearly a hundred years the two fought, nearly matched. The Dnalians eventually killed several warchiefs in one battle, sending the troops into disarray. A battle soon after killed most of the troops, and Dnalia had control of most of the Plains. The Dnalians were able to master hunting buffalo, and now had a large food supply. The Dnalia were set to stay in the Plains.

The Southeast

Year 0 Map

Map of North America in Year 700 BC

In the southeast, the land was mostly covered by the Timucua people, made up of about 35 different tribes. The most powerful were the Potano, who were one of the only tribes that had been transformed into a city-state. Potano was run by several powerful emperors and had an army that had lead several conquests through the south. Another powerful tribe was the Utinahica, who had also built their own city. Around 750 BC, Emperor Xylas of Potano began a war against Utinahica, laying siege to their city and burning down several villages. Utinahica formed several alliances with nearby tribes and fought back. Potano was more powerful, and destroyed most of their enemy's land.

The leader of Utinahica, Bolbora, requested military support from Fetzil. Fetzil had been building its military up, and seeing a possible alliance, agreed and started sending men and cavalry over. The military arrived and successful defend the city of Utinahica itself from Potano attack. Utinahica then counterattacked, and liberated several city-states who were oppressed during Potano's rule. Bolbora, however, kept control over these tribes. Continuing military support from Fetzil allowed Utinahica to take control over most of the 35 tribes. Around 732 Utinahica laid siege to the walled city of Potano, the only remaining territory not under Utinahica control. A few weeks later Potano surrendered, and Utinahica was the sole ruler of the Timucua people.

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The Divided River
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Branching Out

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