Lana Ashanti

Kim Kardashian at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival

Lana at the 2011 Marilyn Kennedy Awards


October 21, 1980 (age 30), Hollywood, California


Lanashka Campbell (1980 - 1997) Lana Campbell (1997 - 2007)

Lana ashanti (2007 - present)

Nationality: American
Political party: None

Dirk Koelsson (2009 - 2010)

Children: None
Alma mater: None
Occupation: Actress, Model
Religion: None

Early Life

Lana was born in 1980 in Los Angeles, California. Her father, Dave (1940 - 1985) was a millionaire film producer. Her mother, Linda (born 1955) was a makeup artist. She had what some would call a spoiled childhood, when she was 15 she had her own penthouse (although she never lived in it). In 1985 her father died and her mother inherited over $60 million. In 1992 she was enrolled in the exclusive Maynard Hill School and remained there for four years. In 1996 she left school and remained in Los Angeles. That same year her mother founded the magazine "Hot", and Lana became a member of the board, at 16.

Early Career

In 1997 she was allowed to appear in the magazine and by 1998 she appeared in every edition. She soon began appearing in other magazines as well. By January 1999 she was relatively well known throughout the US. However, in March 1999, she refused to appear in any more magazines.


In November 2004 Lana, and her sisters Tanya and Alexa formed the girl band, KanKan. That January they released their first CD, it made it to #3 in the charts. A music video was made for the next album three months later. By 2006 they had achieved near cult status however sibling rivalry got the better of them and after she and Tanya accused Alexa of being "an ugly b*tch" during a live interview the group split up. Fox news commentator Dave Mutz famously stated "hell..these girls have made more people upset than Lee Harvey Oswald!".

Solo Career

Following the group's break up in February 2007, Lana launched her own solo music and modelling career.

Personal Life

Lana is famous for her somewhat, colorful, personal life. She described her early life in a 2009 interview "Look, I lost my virginity at the age of 15, by the time I was 19 I had, what 30 boyfriends or something. I had a pretty hectic life".

In 2002 she began an open relationship with Olympic swimmer Mark Smith, but broke up after allegations of cheating on both sides.

In 2006 an unnamed Los Angeles male prostitute gave information to the BBC stating graphic details about orgies going on in the Campbell household. Lana and her family denied these claims.

In early 2009 she began a relationship with millionaire movie producer Dirk Koelsson, after two months the two were engaged and in August a highly publicised wedding was broadcast live on four TV channels. However, the relationship fell apart.


There is some speculation about exactly how much plastic surgery Ashanti has had. There are strong cases that she first had some facial plastic surgery around the age of 15, and breast implants at 17. In December 2010 after much media Lana announced she had just had her breast implants enlarged. In a 2011 interview she stated she was a regular Botox user, and had been so since her late teens. Ashanti is a supporter of cosmetic surgery.


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Year Movie Role
2005 Supergirl Supergirl
2007 Supergirl 2 Supergirl
2008 Supergirl 3 Supergirl
2010 Supergirl Reborn Supergirl

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