Lakotah Republic
Timeline: timeline

OTL equivalent: Central (OTL) US territory, bounded on the east by the Missouri River, on the south by the Arkansas River, on the west by the Rocky Mountains, and on the north by Canada
Pine Ridge Flag
Flag of Lakotah
(and largest city)
Pȟahíŋ Piŋté
  others English
Matriarch Ehawee
Speaker Ohiyesa
Area 1412357 km²
Population 3169514 
Currency Mazaska

The Lakotah Nation is a confederation of tribal groups, both native to the Great Plains region, and those whose ancestors were forced out of or off of lands which are now part of the United States of America. As a result, relations between the two nations have been frosty, at best. While a treaty between the two (and Canada) now formally marks out the borders, disputes are still fairly common.

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