The Lakota Tribes
The Lakota Tribes
Timeline: Principia Moderni II

OTL equivalent: Midwest America and Canada
Pine Ridge Flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital None yet.
Largest city None yet.
Language Lakota
Religion Sun Dance
Government High Chieftain Confederacy
  legislature Tribal Chiefdom

(Formally Hereditary Chiefdom)

Chiefs: Akecheta I (1454-1470)

Akecheta II (1470-1503)

Akecheta III (1503-1520)

Dissolution of the Hereditary Chiefdom


The Lakota in the 1450s are a Native American tribe that resides in the plains of Midwest USA and Southern Midwest Canada. They are not united and have many leaders that are called Chieftains, they also have elders who serve as guides of the village and tribes of the Lakota. The Lakota don't know how to plant other crops beside corn yet and heavily rely on game such as bison, deer, fish and other game. They live in Teepees on the plains although they are working on building long standing structures. They practice many distinct and ceremonial practices. Many of the ceremonial practices involve peace pipes and beads.

1455: In 1455 Akecheta (which means fighter) unified the Lakota tribes into one Nation under his rule. He became High Chieftain and established a Royal Family System where his heirs would take over after he dies. Many of the new laws were rotated around Military, population and labor issues. One of his laws was to abolish partnership and have women in the birthing ages be pregnant as possible with mates who are warriors, laborers and shaman (Spiritual Men).


The 1460s are marked with growth and prosperity in the nation. The Nation was prosperous under Akecheta I rule. Under Akecheta the Nation was united under all the Lakota Tribes, Military gained prominence in the Midwest and some technological advancement.

1470s marked major technological advancement for the Lakota. The Lakota began to start using mudbrick buildings learned from the southern neighbors.



16th Century.

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