The Lake Michigan Dome, briefly referred to as the Chicago Dome, is a multipurpose domed stadium built on the shoreline of Lake Michigan at 1410 Lake Shore Drive in 1958, when it became the first multi-use domed sports stadium of its kind in the world, beating out the Cupole Desportes in Paris by seven months. The dome became a signature landmark of Chicago, becoming the home for its Chicago Bears football team, various concerts and events, and served as a temporary home for various other Chicago-based sports teams during renovations to their own various stadiums. In 1990, the original Lake Michigan Dome was torn down and replaced with a brand-new, state-of-the-art structure in the old dome's footprint, with an increased seating capacity of 72,500, up from the previous 53,000. In 2008, the second Lake Michigan Dome was given thorough renovation, although there was no reconstruction.

Besides hosting the Chicago Bears, the Lake Michigan Dome has been the home of the NCAA's Chicago Bowl since 1958, and the home of the Chicago Classic the first weekend of the college football season since 1997. The Lake Michigan Dome saw its largest crowd in history on January 14, 1995 when it hosted Christopher Lee's final American tour.

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