Banat of Leitha
Client state of Kingdom of Hungary
Flag of Hungary (1918-1919; 3-2 aspect ratio).svg
1921 Flag of Austria.svg
Lajtabánság zászlaja.jpg Lajtabánság címere.gif
Flag State Emblem
Capital Oberwart
Official language Hungarian
Government Monarchy, Fascist single-party, totalitarian dictatorship
Prime Minister
 - 1921 Julian Révaý
 - 1921 Gyula Ostenburg-Moravek
 - 1921 Pál Prónay
Historical era World War II
 - Independence 4 October 1921
 - Referendum in Sopron 5 November 1921
Currency Hungarian korona

The Banat of Leitha was a short-lived Monarchy.

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