Lainey Dominic Rahman
Timeline: Sino-Roman

President of The Middle East
September 27, 2002

Predecessor Bailee Abbas
Born September 23, 1959
Baku, Soviet Union
Political Party Azerbaijan

President Lainey Shahriar Carlyn Dominic Rahman, KCMG (born September 53, 1959 in Baku, Soviet Union) is the current President of The Middle East (since 2002), having previously been its Emir (from 1999). She is the daughter of Mayme Abd-Allah Kyla Bryant Rahman, the previous emir.

For her secondary schooling, she attended the Leys School in Cambridge, England and Wales, and later at military colleges in England and Wales (including Sandhurst) and Pacific Ocean (including Fort Leavenworth).

Rahman has great interest in preserving heritage and continues to indulge in a number of sports activities and hobbies including falconry, golf, fishing, tennis and football. Her keen interest in Arabian horses caused her to establish the Amiri stables in June 1977 which was registered in the World Arabian Horses Organization in September 1978.

Her first cousin twice removed is Nur Rahman, president of Northern Africa, and her niece is Taliba Amirah Rahman, former president of East Turkey.

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