— Imperial Province of The Roman Empire
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Chad, Niger
Ladonia II
Location of Ladonia
(and largest city)
Anigum (N’guigmi)
Language Latin (Lingua Latina)
Religion Roman Polytheism
Ethnic groups
  others Nigerians, Ethiopi, Bantu
Government Client Kingdom
  legislature Emperor of Rome, King of Ladonia

A Short History of Ladonia

Established on the shores of Lake Ladonia (Lake Chad), the Laodnian Kingdom became a client state of the Empire under Emperor Henricus. The Ladonians became a Client State because of their contributions to the Empire's battle against rampant banditry in the Desert trade routes as well as the resources around this part of Central Africa. Ladonia was ruled by Kings who were African in origin but took Latin names. Part of the Desertum Africanum was given to the Ladonians as part of their annexation. The Ladonians allowed Roman troops to have access to their resources but were reluctant to accept a Republican form of Government. Though these troops stood among the Ladonians, this province was by far one of the freest from the Emperor, Military and Senate of Rome.

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