Labour and Socialist International
Sozialistische Arbeiter-Internationale
Internationale ouvrière socialiste
Труда и Социалистического интернационала
Laborista kaj Socialista Internacio
Red flag

Red Flag

Main working languages Russian, English, French, German, and Esperanto
Headquarters Executive Committee Berlin (Germany)
Establishment 1924

The Labour and Socialist International (LSI) is an international organization of socialist and labour parties. The LSI was created in 1924 has successor and continuation of the dissolve II International. During World War I, socialist parties where divided between pacism and participation of the war effort. The Russian revolution of 1918 further divided fragmented parties between revolutionaries and reformists.

The founding Congress of the LSI (1924), promoted international cooperation. The Congress of LSI meets evry four years. Delegates elect an Executive Committee and Secretariat.

Afiliated of fraternal organizations are:

  • SASI (1920-1936), SASI-Sportintern (1936 to date)
  • International Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU)
  • International Socialist Women's Federation
  • Socialist Youth International
  • Social-Democratic League of Eurasia
  • International Falcon Movement – Socialist Educational International (IFM-SEI)

Member parties

Members parties are:

in Europe

  • Social Democratic Workers Party of Austria
  • Belgian Labour Party
  • Social Democratic Federation (Denmark)
  • Estonian Socialist Workers Party
  • Social Democratic Party (Finland)
  • French Section of the Workers International (SFIO)
  • Social Democratic Party of Germany
  • Social Democratic Party of East Prussia
  • Polish Socialist Party (PPS)
  • Italian Socialist Party (PSI)
  • Independent Labour Party (UK)
  • Hungarian Social Democratic Party
  • Serbian Social-Democratic Party
  • Romanian Social Democratic Party (PSDR)
  • Social Democratic Workers Party (Netherlands)
  • Norwegian Labour Party
  • Labour Party (UK)
  • Irish Labour Party
  • Northern Ireland Labour Party (NILP)
  • Romanian Social Democratic Party (PSDR)
  • Bulgarian Social Democratic Workers Party
  • Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE)
  • Portuguese Socialist Party (PSP)
  • Social Democratic Labour Party of Sweden
  • Socialist Party of Illyria
  • Social-Democratic League of Eurasia
  • Russian Social-Democratic Workers' Party
  • Ukrainian Social Democratic Labour Party
  • Belarus Social Democratic Workers' Party
  • Turkestan Social Democratic Workers' Party
  • Transcaucasia Social Democratic Workers' Party
  • Estonian Socialist Workers' Party
  • Lavian Social Democratic Workers' Party
  • Lithuanian Social Democratic Workers' Party
  • General Jewish Labour Bund
  • Social Democrat Hunchakian Party (SDHP)
  • Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF)
  • Lycian Socialist Party (observer)
  • Farmers’ and Workers’ Party (ΑΕΚ) of Ionia (observer)

in Australasia

  • Australian Labor Party
  • New Zealand Labour Party

in Asia

  • Socialist People's Party (Parsas/SVP, Federation of East Indies)
  • Social Mass Party of Thailand
  • French India Socialist Party (PSIF)

in Africa

  • South African Labour Party (observer)
  • Worker-Peasant Party (POC) of Riffian Republic (observer)

in the Americas

  • Socialist Party of Argentina (PSA)
  • Socialist Party of Uruguay (PSU)
  • Socialist Party of America (SPA, USA)

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