Name Votes %
James Callaghan 128 49.8%
Michael Foot 67 26.1%
Tony Crosland 62 24.1%
Majority 61 23.7%
Turnout 257

Crosland was eliminated from the contest. Callaghan came one vote short of a majority on the first ballot. Crosland supported Callaghan on the second round runoff.

It was expected that Foot would withdraw from the contest, allowing Callaghan to win without the need for a second ballot. However Foot refused to back down, despite the fact that his support was ebbing and defeat was almost certain.

Tony Crosland

Name Votes %
James Callaghan 201 78.8%
Michael Foot 54 21.2%
Majority 147 57.6%
Turnout 255
Callaghan won the election with a landslide majority. He backed Foot in the Deputy Leadership race, seeing that it would be useful to have at least one Left Winger in the shadow cabinet for the sake of party unity.
Michael Foot

Michael Foot

James Callaghan and Carter crop

James Callaghan

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