The Labour Party leadership election of 1963 was caused following the sudden death of Labour Prime Minister Hugh Gaitskell.

Immediately following Gaitskell's death Brown assumed the office of Prime Minister, much to the annoyance of many cabinet colleagues and indeed the majority of the labour party.

Pundits predicted a two horse race between Wilson and Brown, with a close result.

The candidates were:

Name Votes %
Harold Wilson 143 42.8%
George Brown 111 33.2%
James Callaghan 80 24.0%
Majority 32 9.6%
Turnout 334

James Callaghan

Callaghan was eliminated from the contest, but tactically declined to tell his supporters whether to vote for Wilson or Brown. As a result they divided roughly evenly between Brown and Wilson, and were able to give Wilson a majority on the second ballot.

Name Votes %
Harold Wilson 175 53.4%
George Brown 153 46.6%
Majority 22 6.7%
Turnout 328
George Brown 1961

George Brown

James Harold Wilson, Baron Wilson of Rievaulx 1974-1976

Harold Wilson

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