Labour Party (Scotland says "Yes")
Timeline: Scotland says "Yes"

170px-Labour Party.svg

Leader: Ed Miliband
Founded: 27 February 1900
Founding parties: Various
Headquarters: London
Youth wing: Young Labour
Ideology: Social democracy

Democratic socialism

Political position: Centre-Left
International affiliation: Progressive Alliance,

Socialist International (observer)

European affiliation: Party of European Socialists
European Parliament Group: Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats
Official colours: Red
House of Commons: 285
House of Lords: 213
{{{seats3title}}}: 20

The Labour Party is a Centre-Left political party in the United Kingdom. It is currently the largest political party in the UK, followed by the Conservatives, and is currently in a coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

Labour was founded in the early 20th Century as the working classes started to join the electorate, and soon became one of the two main parties, alongside the Conservatives, replacing the Liberals in that role.

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