Social Republic of La Plata
Republica Social de La Plata
Timeline: Alexandra, a new continent
Flag of Argentina No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language Spanish, Italian, Guarani, Mapudungun
Religion None
Demonym Rioplatense
Government Semi-Presidential Socialist Republic
Premier Alberto Bolivar de la Serna
Currency Real

La Plata is a republic in South Alexandra. Is a member of the Comintern and the Alianza de los Libertadores. It borders with the Puelmapu at the south, Qullasuyu at the northwest and with Uruguay, Rio Negro and Entre Ríos in the northeast.


The territory known as La Plata was populated by native alexandrans like the Guaraní and Charrua, while a big part was under Inca control. After the discovery of Alexandra the Spanish and Portuguese fought for the area. With a Spanish victory the Vice royalty of La Merced y Río de la Plata was established, allowing to wage war with the Tawantinsuyu and to conquer the Mapuche people.


La Plata is a dominant-party state, where the Libertadores and members of other Comintern allied parties control most of the government offices. The former Partido Republicano and the Frente Nacional Patriotico were disbanded after the civil war, and most of its members prosecuted in retaliation for the dictatorship's crimes against the population.

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