La Grande Migration (eng. The Great Migration) refers to the phenomenon of cinema and other artists, patrons and fundations from the US to France in the Early McCarthy Rule. After the censorship of cinema and television in the Red Channels Act, in 1950. The artistic exodus to Europe was especially strong for France, where the old artistic industries were recovered and French replaced English as the main language of cinema in a matter of a decade.

The Exodus

The term "Exodus" was first used to refer to la Grande Migration in the book La Renaissance (The Renaissance), which talked about the revolution in francophone culture after the war.

Trying to escape the setence of prison or death by the crime of "support for criminal ideologies", many people related to cinema and art left the United States, to European cities, with more liberal views. Cities like Cannes became new centres of cinema, putting together various actors. Paris, London, Berlin and Florence became artistic hotspots.

Hundrends of important, creative and rich people left the US for Europe. That brought new economic and culture opportunities to the region, acelerating its power seizure.

The Renaissance

In the years after the Exodus, the new wave of artists and actors adapted to their new countries. In the years after, the European countries noticed in an rising number of French language films.

The art changed also, to protay better that people. In the literature and cinema, America was shown as a distant, fascist, closed land, which was sometimes compared to Nazi Germany. The cultural separation began when their art and culture began to serve as a method of despising the foreign ideology. McCarthy began the programme Old Good Art, creating a new generation of artists who were supported by the Federal Government and created campaign art.

However, that art was despised by Americans, who started illegally searching for French movies. When the Hate Era, as it was called the style of art made against the Americans, finally endend, the cultural bonds between them started to get  smaller. An end of the Cold War was to come, at least it looked like so.

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