Directed by Mark Westfeld
Produced by Mark Westfeld
Written by Martha McClusky and Kurt Hobson
Based on My Life by Elizabeth Dole and Liz Dole, a contreversial story by Martha McClusky
Narrated by James Hadley
Starring Linda Campbell, Gary Fields, Harry Cooper, Jasmine Hicks
Studio Panorama
Release date(s)

July 4th 2011 (USA)

August 28th 2011 (rest of world)

Running time 3hrs 45 minutes
Country United States
Language English


The film opens with a pre-titles sequence of Mrs Dole giving her inaugural address, with the date January 1st 1993 is superimposed on the screen. When Mrs Doles speech ends, the applause fades out into the Stars and Stripes and a black screen.

The names of the cast slowly fade in and out whilst the anthem plays. Slowly, the anthem changes from being played by a marching band, to being sung by school children. The camera passes through a class full of children, before arriving at the young Liz Dole. The year 1949 is now superimposed.

'Chapter One: Youth (1949 - 1956)'

The young

'Chapter Two: Decision (1956 - 1977)'

'Chapter Three: Power (1977 - 1992)'

'Chapter Four: Presidency (1992 - 1997)'

'Chapter Five: .....'


Elizabeth Dole.......Linda Campbell

Bob Dole.......... Gary Fields

Young Liz Dole.......... Jasmine Hicks

George Bush...........David Zachs

Ronald Reagan........Harry Cooper

Martine Hughes........Lilian Griffith

George Hughes..........Kirk Lomard



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