Mar 25, 2015- The Republic of Minguo starts sending humanitarian a well as military aid to war-torn Iroquois camps such as Banna Eshammanasse and others.

Mar 24, 2015- A study by the University of Vinholm says that up to 32 million people across Vinland are living below the minimum wage of 20 vinns per hour.

Mar 23, 2015- A painting by well-renowned Vinnish-Swedish nineteenth-century artist Markuss Bjorntollur, Innan inn mǫrk (Into the forest) is sold for a record of 19.3 million vinns (£6.8 million). It is bought by the Soskonneborg (OTL Green River, Wyoming) Art Museum.

Mar 21, 2015- Six people are killed after an explosion in an Iroquois temple at Waashmoni (OTL Indianapolis, Indiana, USA). Haitha militants have claimed responsiblility.

Mar 20, 2015- Leif XIV Day. Many celebrations occur throughout Vinland, in honour of one of Vinlands greatest and most influential monarchs, Leif XIV, who ruled from 1534 to 1577.

Mar 19, 2015- The hurricane Miollnir dissipates in the Gulf of Tabasco (OTL Gulf of Mexico) leaving 49 deaths behind it, mainly from Siminul. Also, Xiuhcoatl Azcalxochipalli, leader of the National Partly for the Centre-Right wins the Aztec general election by a small majority.

Mar 18, 2015- The President of the Iroquois Republic says that Haitha's support is increasing despite the aftermath of the Gudur attacks last week, and that 'major action' is needed from other countries if Haitha is to be kept at bay.

Mar 17, 2015- Voters go to the polls in the Aztec Republic for this year's general election. Recent polls suggest that it will be a close result between Xiuhcoatl Azcalxochipalli, leader of the NPCR (National Party for the Centre-right) and Montezuma Achcauhhuani, leader of the Aztec Social-Labour Party.

Mar 16, 2015- A powerful Category 2 tropical cyclone named Miollnir hits the province of Siminul (OTL Northern Florida) and parts of the provinces of Nyr Heitrskanne (OTL Alabama/Georgia) and Mikillálland (OTL Mississippi) 

Mar 15, 2015- Jung Xijang-Medong, president of the Republic of Minguo (OTL Eastern China) says that the Haithan crisis is very worrying and that it will begin to send aid supplies to war-affected regions such as Banna Eshammanasse (a refugee area).

Mar 14, 2015- The Mayan Republic says that its new space program, MNSP, will achieve a moon orbit by at least 2018, and a comet landing in the late 2020s.

Mar 13, 2015- Seven 'terrorists' from Haitha are sentenced to 28 years in Daljar Tonne Provincial Prison in the capital of Tukscanar. The eighth arrest made in Huascudolir on Tuesday, who was a bus driver named Almar Konsstantin, is found not guilty of the Gudur shooting.

Mar 12, 2015- The Vinnish Prime Minister Erik Johanneson goes on a visit to the country of Janeiro (OTL Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro states, Brazil) to discuss political and diplomatic issues.

Mar 11, 2015- The Vinnish Film Awards take place. Neil Odresson wins best director for his film Austrvegar Vindr (The East Wind) which also wins Best Picture.

Mar 10, 2015- Eight arrests are made in Huascudolir after the finding of the shooters of three Gudur civilians on 5 March. The shooter Asiny Pokranetsva is one of the arrests, as well as former Dominican ambassador to Vinland, Nieffel Hacamancio.

Mar 9, 2015- The regional government of Tukscanar says that the Gudur shooters that are 'on the loose' are located near the town of Hascudolir in the neighbouring province of Nyr Astika and are poised for their next attack, according to the defence forces and police. Nyr Astika's government is conducting a thorough search for the terrorists.

Mar 8, 2015- Karl XXI's 78th birthday. A procession is held at Vinholm Imperial Palace.

Mar 7, 2015- The regional government of Tukscanar states that it will conduct a massive search for the three Haithi shooters of the Gudur attack in the northwest of the province. One of the shooters is identified as Asiny Pokranetsva, a Belarusian-Vinnish man known to the police.

Mar 6, 2015- Anselm Brogadir, a famous author of Vinland, dies in Nyr Esspadir (OTL Savannah, Georgia, USA) aged 85. The president of Vinland says he was 'greatly saddened' by this news.

Mar 5, 2015-Haithi-Izamist terrorists shoot three people in Gudur, in Tukscanar (OTL Texas) province of Vinland, completely nullifying what the president said yesterday.

Mar 4, 2015- The President of the Iroquois Republic says that Haitha has begun to withdraw any planned attacks to other countries such as the February 22 attack, and that Haitha's threat to Umarica is decreasing.

Mar 3, 2015- Narendra Modi, President of India, makes an official visit to Vinland. In an interview with Vinland's Prime Minister, Erik Johanneson, he comments that Vinland's economy has greatly improved since the financial crisis of 2001.

Mar 2, 2015- The assassin of 1986 president Olaf Clemensen Arni, Markuss Fiordallir, is released from Brossa Prison after 28 years. Also, a new mayor of Vinholm is elected.

Mar 1, 2015-A video is released by the socialist state of Haitha showing a map of their planned conquests, which plan to conquer as far as Alaska and Vinland. A meeting of the UUN (United Umarican Nations) is called at Brossa, to discuss the state of the Haithan Crisis.

Feb 28, 2015-Mendeleev Amarshenko, 4th President of Russia, calls for a crackdown on racist activity toward Inuit and Alaskan Natives, following the shooting of Inuit man Uiak Pajatak in Hamorsk (OTL Homer)

Feb 27, 2015-Tanuk Itulkak calls for 'an end to cuts of the Inuit Health Service (IHS)and better organization as igloo hospitals are forced to have cuts on equipment as record numbers of patients flood them, after last month's Hurricane Rodulf hit the islands.

Feb 26, 2015-A peaceful protest emerges in the streets of Chatahannok, an Iroquois city, for more do be done on the Haithan Crisis. Karl Lorfhennmann, prince of Vinland, visits Banna Eshammanasse, an Iroquois refugee camp for those affected or injured by the Haithan Crisis to raise awareness.

Feb 25, 2015-The left-wing Uktuktaluk party of Nunavut and Kalaliland wins the general election, with prime minister Tanuk Itulkak now in charge.

Feb 24, 2015-A march of defiance takes place in the streets of Vinholm, after the attack on the palace.

Feb 23, 2015-Vinnish U74H bomber planes bomb the Haithan military base of Kalcuishannok, in retaliation for yesterday's attack on the royal residence.

Feb 22, 2015-A group of Haithian Odinist Terrorists bomb King Karl XVII's royal residence. No-one was hurt, put Karl pledges to avenge these attacks, nullifying the peace talks and continuing the fight against Haithi.

Feb 21, 2015-Vinnish king Karl XXI joins the peace talks for a ceasefire between the rebel socialist state of Haithi, and the Iroquois Republic.

Feb 20, 2015-The Vinlandmanbok, the record of the settler's lives in the 1000s and 1100s, is put on display on the national museum of Brossa.

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