Ministry of Atlantia
Ministère de l'Atlantide
Timeline: Principia Moderni II (Map Game)
L'Atlantide L'Atlantide COA
Tricolor d'Atlantide Sceau de la Atlantéens
Location of L'Atlantide

République du Sud (French)
("Republic of the South")

Anthem "Vérité et l'Honneur"

"Truth and Honor"

Capital Capitaux Quartier du Condamine

(OTL Bogota)

Largest city Nouvelle Bordeaux

(OTL Cartagena)

  others Franco-Caribe, Creole
Religion Roman Catholicism
Ethnic Groups
  others Natives
Demonym Atlantéens

L'Atlantide, formally called the Ministère de l'Atlantide, is a protectorate of France in northern Atlantia. L'Atlantide was formed as a separate nation in 1871 after the French had fallen under intense pressure from Atlantéens, the name for the people of L'Atlantide.

L'Atlantide consists of the former colonies of Nouvelle Bourgone, Muiscas, and more!


Colonial History

Discovery of the New World brought on a more and more dedication to future discoveries. The Burgundians first made a major discovery out of what is now L'Atlantide, and a fleet of nine ships under Anton Condamine established outposts at what would be called Nieuwe Antwerp and Nieuwe Charlispolis.

Nieuwe Antwerp later would be renamed to Nouvelle Bordeaux, and is located at OTL Cartagena, Colombia. Nieuwe Charlispolis, the territorial capital, would later be renamed C.Q. Condamine.

Novogorodian explorers later mapped out OTL Panama, and called it Interterra, the name still used to this day for the region.

Brasilea was first established by the Burgundians as a potential location for the spread of Orthodox Catholicism, and the region is still one of the most Catholic regions in the world.


Prior to the actual movement in favor of independence, a few factors urged the people of Atlantia to move towards independence. These factors were the growth and political impact of A'Asabism and the independence of Athamos (Nea Larnaka) in between Nouvelle Bourgogne and Brazilea. People in France's Atlantian colonies and vassal states began to grow weary of the over-lordship of the French. They sought to form their own government, while still maintaining close relations with France.

In order to meet this end, local leaders from Nouvelle Bourgogne, Nouvelle Judea, Trinidad, Muiscas, and Brazilea all met in Nouvelle Bordeaux, the capital of Nouvelle Bourgogne, in January of 1871 as part of what later be called the Year of Independence.

These leaders agreed to sign the Déclaration d'Indépendance et la Liberté, which states that France ought to, with regard to human dignity, recognize the states as an independent nation. A delegation was sent to Paris, led by the revolutionary Jean-Emmanuel Nazaire Séverin. He negotiated with the leaders of the Gaul Republic to ensure the establishment of le Ministère de l'Atlantide.


One of the first actions taken by the new government under Séverin was to rename Nouvelle Charlispolis, which reflected the colonial and monarchical era of France. The new name that was settled on was le Capitaux Quartier du Condamine, named after the founder of the Nouvelle Bourgogne colony. The common name for the city is C.Q. Condamine.

Another major issue brought up at the time of independence was the issue of transportation. In the early 1870s, the first phases of the Atlantique Ferroviaire de l'Atlantide (AFA) began to take place with the Or Ligne from Nouvelle Bordeaux to C.Q. Condamine.


The government of L'Atlantide is based off of the Gaul Republic that granted the independence in 1871.

Internal Divisions

Internal Divisions of L'Atlantide

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