State of Kyushu-Shikoku
Timeline: Let's Kill Hitler

OTL equivalent: Shikoku and Kyushu
Flag Kyushu-Shikoku Coa kyushu-shikoku
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "Kimigayo"
(and largest city)
Other cities Nagasaki, Matsuyama,
English (de facto)
  others Japanese
Religion Christianity, Shintoism, Buddhism
Ethnic Groups
  others Australians, Chinese, Koreans
Demonym Kyushuan, Shikokuan, Ryukyuan, Kyushu-Shikokuan
Government Constitutional monarchy
  legislature Parliament
Monarch Elizabeth II
Premier Koichi Agama
Established 1950
Currency Australian dollar
Time Zone JST (Japanese Standard Time, UTC +9)

The State of Kyushu-Shikoku is a State of the Commonwealth of Australia. It is the smallest in area, and is also the youngest, having been admitted to the Commonwealth as the seventh state in 1950. The majority of the Kyushu-Shikokuan population is Japanese, and they coexist with Australian settlers as well as other minority ethnicities. It is the only State in Australia to have a separate state anthem, Kimigayo, which was the Japanese Imperial anthem before the partition of Japan in 1943.

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