Timeline: Twilight of a New Era

OTL equivalent: Kwantung Leased Territory (1898 to 1945)
Amurflag Imperial Seal of Japan
Flag Coat of Arms
Kwantung territory China 1921
Location of Kwantung

八紘一宇 (Japanese)
(""Hakkō ichiu" - "Eight Cords, One Roof", i.e. "The World under One Roof"")

Anthem "Kimigayo (Imperial Reign)"
Capital Dalian
Largest city Dalian
Other cities Ryojun (Port Arthur or Lüshunkou)
Japanese (Official)
  others Chinese (Chinese Mandarin)
State Shinto (Official)
  others Confucianism, Chinese Buddhism, Christianism (Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant)
Ethnic Groups
  others Chinese and Europeans
Government Constitutional monarchy (territory of the Empire of Japan)
Area 3,500 km²
Population 1,034,074 aprox. 
Established 1905 (previously Russia 1898)
Annexation to Empire of Japan
  date 1898-1944
Currency Japanese yen (¥)
Organizations Greater East Asian Prosperity Alliance (since 1934, has territory of the Empire of Japan)

The Kwantung Leased Territory was a Japanese territory in the southern part of the Liaodong Peninsula in Inner Manchuria (northeast China) that existed from 1898 to 1944. Renamed Kwantung District in 1945.

It was one of the numerous territorial concessions that the Empire of China was compelled to award to foreign countries at the end of the 19th century. Originally given to the Russian Empire, became part of the Japanese after the Russo-Japanese War (1905). It became part of PR of Manchuria in 1944, after Great Pacific War.

The territory included the militarily and economically significant ports of Lüshunkou (Port Arthur, or Ryojun) and Dalian (Dal'niy, or Dairen). During the Japanese Revolution of 1947 and evacuation of China, the Kwantung Territory was the scene of violent clashes between Imperial and revolutionary troops for the control of the ports.

Dalien was the seat of the International War Crimes Tribunal for Manchuria, created by mandate of the Allied Council and the delegations of China and Manchuria, from 1945 to 1948.

Between 1946-1948 Dalien was also the seat of the Investigation Bureau of the People´s Tribunal for Military and Political Responsibilities in the trials for Kwantung Repression during the Japanese Revolution.

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