The Kvangtunskaya Oblast, informally and usually known as Kwantung in international circles, is an oblast of the Russian Empire. An integrant part of the country, it is one of the territories with a better GINI index in Asia, even surpassing those of Hong Kong and Macau.

Ceded to Russia after the riots in the XIX century which ended up with the cession of some Chinese cities to the European at-that-time powers and to Japan, it was never treated as a colony.

The city is known for being the birthplace of probably the most surprising variant of the Russian language, the so-called Kwangtung Missionary Alphabet, which, for the propagation of the christian russian orthodox faith all around the chinese empire developed an ideogramic alphabet for writing Russian with chinese characters, however, due to its complexity is almost only used in the services of the Russian orthodox local church of Kwantung.

The oblast takes part in the elections of the Russian Empire and also elects its Municipal Council.

It is a city which holds the title of greenest one in the Empire, all its public transport is provided by renovable energies.

During World War II the place was a safe haven for numerous political refugees from the own Japan, from Eastern Europe (mainly Jewish fleeing of Nazi Germany genocidal policies) and from China.

The oblast is one of the prominent places regarding videogames in Russia, with almost all the foreign and domestic videogame companies having there the headquarters of their delegation in Russia, mainly because their proximity to Japan and, by its political situation, the advantage which supposes being in both the PAL and NTSC areas.

It has its own currency (the Kwangtung Pound) and its own internet code (.kw)

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