Timeline : Leifsbudir
Kuyen of Ragkara (Leifsbudir)
Yufenn 1387 - 1403
Predecessor: None Successor: Lihue I
Birth Unknown
Death February, 1403, in the frontier
Spouse Queen Yankiray

Awki Lihue
Ñusta Mailen


House of Kuyen


Reche Cult

Kuyen was a reche nobleman (probably a toqui) and the first Yufenn of the nation of Ragkara.

The knowledges that we have about him are mostly chronichles written by the incan ambassadors.

The date of his birth is unknown, but is sure that, in his youngness he served as military commander in his tribe. In 1377 he probable knew the first incan ambassadors who visited his lands.

About the 1380's he was already the chief of very tribes that he conquered and many loncos and toquis were his vassals.

In 1387 a council of toquis gathered in Alimpau (OTL Valparaiso) and elected him as Yufenn (king) of "all the Reche" (the mostly of the "civilizated" reche people, at least).

He had his two children, Lihue and Mailen, in 1389, with his spouse, Yankiray (he probably had more than one).

In 1390 he received in his court the first viking merchants and ambassadors. He was interested in buy weapons like axes, swords, crossbows and the secrets to forge metal and build ships.

About 1392 he led a campaign to expand the kingdom, conquering at least thirty small tribes that joined his confederation.

In 1395 he knew a incan auqui named Wiracocha. Wiracocha was who sold him the first whips to form his navy, that he used to make join another twelve tribes to his realm (between this year and 1397).

During the crowning of Wiracocha, in 1400, he sent two ambassadors to Cuzco, each one with one material that only could be found in Ragkara (the chronichles don't tell what the materials were, but the current speculations talk about certain types of wood or meat).

In 1403 he died during a last expansionist campaign. He conquered at least three tribes during his campagins.

He was succeded by his son Lihue.


A tribe, during the times of Kuyen, was a group of people led by a toqui or a lonco. In the times of his death, at least fifty of each one was member of the confederation of Ragkara.

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